5G network started in China

5G network
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5G networkChina's mobile operators have started 5G service for their country's customers. With this, China has made a big leap in terms of technology globally.

China's state-run mobile operators China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom announced their 5G data plans on Thursday.

This announcement came at a time when there is a continuous confrontation between China and America in matters of trade and technology.

Prior to China, South Korea, USA and UK have started 5G network in their country this year.

5G is the fifth generation mobile network. Internet speed is claimed to be very fast in 5G.
5G network
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5G Data Plan Cost

Earlier China had talked about starting 5G service next year but then they accelerated it and started 5G service from this year.

The superfast service has started in 50 cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. According to China's official news agency, Xinhua, the price of 5G data plan ranges from 128 yuan (about 1300 rupees) to 599 (about 6000 rupees) yuan.

The company has supplied most of the network related equipment to start 5G service in China. This company is also playing an important role in establishing 5G network in many other countries.
5G network
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It is worth noting that the Huawei company has been blacklisted by America. America has reported security risk on Huawei company.

Huawei has denied all the allegations against him. In China too, this step of America is seen as a trade war.