Air pollution: Supreme Court Justice Mishra said, "You have to stay here, think of the future"

Air pollution
 Credit: The Times of India

 The Supreme Court has taken a tough stand in the air pollution case on Wednesday, saying that the country has 'far greater expectations from democratic governments' and that the accountability of those responsible for the failure to control pollution will be fixed.

A bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra reprimanded the Chief Secretary of Delhi and Punjab. Chief Secretary of Haryana was also present during the hearing of air pollution case. The court also asked them tough questions.

The court said, 'This is a question of the lives of crores of people of Delhi NCR region. Can you leave people dying due to pollution? '

The Supreme Court ordered small and marginal farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to give an incentive of one hundred rupees per quintal for settlement of non-basmati crops.
Air pollution
Credit: The Times of India
'We need a solution'
Justice Mishra, who is heading the bench, asked the Chief Secretary of Delhi, "You cannot deal with the construction of road dust, destruction and disposal of garbage, so why are you in this position?"

According to the senior journalist Suchitra Mohanty present in the court, the court asked the governments to give immediate solution to the problem of burning stubble.

Justice Mishra said, "You cannot leave people dying. We have to make the government responsible. How many people will be vulnerable to asthma, cancer and other diseases".

He added, "Pollution is harmful for everyone. We need more solutions from you."
Air pollution
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Is this the way the government works?
During the hearing, Attorney General K.K. K Venugopal said that farmers are affected by the ban on burning of straw. On this, Justice Mishra said that burning the straw is not the solution. Why does the government not provide any solution?

Venugopal said that Punjab and Haryana can be divided into two zones and days can be fixed for burning the straw in each zone.

The Supreme Court said that pollution is harmful. If the Attorney General does not have a solution, it is not 'the way a democratic government works'.
Air pollution
Credit: Time of India
'Punjab Government Failed to Duty'
The court questioned the Chief Secretary of Punjab that Haryana can stop the burning of stubble in a big way, so why can't Punjab do it?

Justice Mishra said, "The time has come to punish these senior officers. What are these officers doing. How are they doing to deal with the problem of burning stubble. You have to fulfill people's aspirations. If If you can't do it then why would you stay here? "

The Supreme Court said, "You have completely failed to perform your duty. What kind of roadmap have you adopted"?
Air pollution
Credit: Quartz
The court told the Punjab government, "We want immediate action in this matter". The court asked the Punjab government to give an action plan for the next seven days.

Justice Mishra said to involve the entire administration and decide that no stubble should be burnt and 'If you cannot do this, then leave it on the court. The court will do better.

During the hearing, Justice Mishra said lightly to the lawyers appearing in the case, "I will leave after retirement. I will not stay here. My Lord (Deepak Gupta, the second judge of the bench) will also leave. But if you stay here Think about the future. Please think of poor farmers and other people ".