Allahabad University: Why has Oxford become the hub of student movement?

Credit: University of  Allahabad
"I come from Bundelkhand. I am a third-year BA student. There is no environment of studies in the university. Classes are not conducted properly, only guest teachers come to teach, who go away with food. Competent If you complain to the authorities, then you are threatened to suspend or tell the family members. I do not know how it was said that this university is the IAS Ri is. Who studies is here, can the studies sometimes do not test as an officer. "

This was to say that Siddharth, a student of Allahabad University.

Students of Siddharth University were coming in from the entrance leading to the Sangh Bhavan. Both the doors of the entrance are tied with a strong chain of iron and there is only so much space left in the middle so that the students can enter there by bowing their heads down.

Siddharth smiles and also objects that he is forced to bow down as soon as he enters.

Students agitate and struggle about their problems in the university and the agitations also cease after the demands are accepted or their grievances are resolved, but the movement of the movements here over some issue for the last three years. It started till now.

University administration

The university administration dismisses the problems of students and their movements as mere 'ambition' of some students.

Perhaps this is the reason that students now add an extra demand 'Chancellor Hatao' to the demands of all their movements.

Professor Ramsevak Dubey, Chief Proctor of the University of Allahabad, says, "There are 26,000 students studying here. The students studying have no problem at all. The problem is only a few students who have nothing to do with education." Instead, they are looking for a political platform. You can go and ask the common students about this themselves. "

The students of the university first started the movement regarding the online entrance examination system.

In the year 2016, the university decided to make all the entrance examinations online, which the students protested saying that all the students are from rural background and they are not able to understand the online process properly, so the option of offline should also be given.
After the intervention of the Ministry
The struggle continued for several days, reading and learning was stalled, finally the university administration had to change its decision after the intervention of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Rohit Mishra, who was the President of the Allahabad University Students' Union, says, "The Vice Chancellor connected that issue to his reputation and stubbornly insisted. He did not think that there were a large number of students who, despite being talented, lacked resources We have not been able to achieve so much technical proficiency to sit in the online entrance exam. The Vice Chancellor has not changed his decision on the request of the students, but Raly had to bow to the pressure. "

After this, the movement of students continued for months on the basis of removing old students from hostels and allocating new students and increasing fees.

In April 2017, the university administration filed a case against about two thousand students who were protesting against the hostel evacuation and a large number of students were also arrested.

During the protests, students were lathi charged several times in which a large number of students were injured and for months the university campus and many hostels turned into police camp.
Credit: University of Allahabad

Hostel issue

During the movement, many students sat on fast unto death. The students also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and the President, asking for an extension to stay in the hostel till the examination, but even after doing so, the students could not succeed in persuading their demands.

Neha Yadav, a research student of Allahabad University, was also involved in this movement.

For this, they were suspended from the university and thrown out of the hostel.

Neha Yadav says, "At present, Allahabad University has a total of 15 hostels, in which around eight thousand students are staying. After the university got the status of Central University in 2005, only one hostel has been created. Only one-third of registered students are able to get hostels here. The remaining students have to stay in rented rooms outside. "

The university administration says that there are few rooms in the hostels, on which all the outside students were forcibly seized for many years, so it was necessary to evacuate them.
Credit: National Herald
Student union restoration movement
The objection of the students was that the university administration had asked all the students to vacate the hostel for two months just before the examination.

Anand Singh, who lives in the Holland Hall hostel, says, "The way the VC decided to hostel wash out, the system is not in Allahabad. Our demand was that you put red and take out the illegal people, but they insisted that we Will vacate all the hostels for two months and then allocate it afresh. Where do the students who are staying legitimately go? But vacate the hostels on police force Was taken and we wandered here and there during the examination. "

However, after a long resistance from the students, the proposal to increase the fee from Rs 924 to Rs 2975 was withdrawn by the university administration.

After this, the students once again took to the streets due to the increase in hostel fees. But the most disturbing of these was the student union restoration movement which continues till now.

Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations
In the month of July this year, the university administration decided to end the tradition of the nearly 100-year-old student union and replace it with a student council.

In the student council, two representatives were to be elected from each class first and then the same representatives used to elect the officials of the student council.

The students alleged that through this, not only the tradition of the glorious student union of the university is being ended, but the university administration wants to seat its selected people instead of the student leaders who are struggling for the interests of the students.

However, Professor Professor Ramsevak Dubey says that this has been done under the recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee, for which the court has given instructions.

The university tried to form a student council despite opposition from the students, but interestingly, only a few students enrolled till the last time and some of those students also withdrew their enrollment just before the vote.
Credit: Hindustan Times
Vigilance about identity being public
Student leader Adil Hamza says, "Actually, through hostels, the students were united against the dictatorial attitude of the university administration. In such a situation, the VC felt that remove the students from the hostel and give it to their particular students, so that there is no solidarity Get it.

"The university administration has created so much fear within the students that if they leave the protest, even if a student goes to meet the head of the department or the proctor, he is threatened to complain to his parents. This is the reason that all the students are upset but they will never complain in front of the camera. "

All such students were found inside the university campus who agreed to all these problems but they were also cautious about making their identity public.
Credit: University of Allahabad

Lathicharge on students

The university administration has given the reason behind hostel washouts to hostels to legitimate students. While students claim that many illegal students are staying in almost all hostels even today, even in women hostels. At the same time, many students are forced to stay out even after fulfilling the eligibility conditions.

As far as the movement regarding the restoration of students' union is concerned, it is still going on.

For the last several months, there was a tussle between the university administration and the students and many times the students were charged with lathi.

About two dozen students were arrested and sent to jail. Former student union president Avnish Yadav was also among them.

He explains, "It has rarely happened in the history of the university that such a large number of students who have voiced their rights have passed in Diwali and Chhath Jail. Overall the issue is that the vice chancellor of the university and the people of his team They want the students to do quietly what they want. If a voice is raised against them, they will put them in jail, suspend or expel them. "

University rating

Alumni Association President Rohit Mishra claims that in the last three years, nearly 500 students of the university have either been expelled, suspended or blacklisted and their admission into the university has been banned.

Rohit Mishra himself has also been expelled and says that apart from him, nearly a dozen office bearers and ex-officials of the University Students Union have been given this punishment.

The university administration says that the number of such students does not exceed ten-twelve, but it does not have any official list of expelled, suspended and blacklisted students.

Nearly three years ago, the university's vice-chancellor, Dr. Ratanlal Hanglu, told the BBC that he had come here with the intention of restoring the old dignity of the Allahabad University, but during these three years the rating of the university has gone down several notches.

In the National Institutional Ranking Framework released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development for the year 2019, the 125-year-old university could not make it to the top 200 universities even when it was ranked 68 in 2016.
Credit: The Print

Clear order of government

All the students of the university attribute the fall to grading due to the wrong policies of the government, vice chancellor and university administration whereas the university administration blames the lack of resources for this.

Proctor Professor Ramsevak Dubey says, "How will the grading increase? More than three quarters of the teachers have retired here. The government has a clear order that new appointments should not be made. When there are no teachers, then how will the studies be done? Practical if not labs How will there be research, how will there be research. So all these things are responsible for going down the grading. "

University officials are also mentioning the lack of resources, but two years ago the university returned Rs 200 crore to UGC because it could not use them.

As far as the issue of appointments is concerned, all the teachers of the university agree on the demands of the students.

It is being told that more than 500 posts of teachers are vacant in the university.

The government has ordered that most courses should be self-funded in a gradual manner, that is, students pay by studying, as is done in private institutions and universities have been told to mobilize their resources from this.
Credit: DNA India

Emphasis on self-financed courses

This is the reason that the university is emphasizing the fees-increasing and money-earning courses in many ways and as a result, its confrontation with the students is increasing.

However, in the meantime, there were appointments of teachers in some departments of Allahabad University and colleges affiliated to the university, but those appointments also raised questions and students agitated about that too.

Says Rohit Mishra, "VC and his team are being accused and students are agitating on all these, recruitment of teachers, embezzlement in many departments, admission cell scams. Two committees of HRD Ministry have submitted their report I have said that the university has become a bastion of irregularities. Despite this, no action is being taken on its VC. The common student is so scared that he is not able to speak his words with utmost vigor. "

In this whole matter, we tried to talk to the Chancellor of the university, Dr. Ratanlal Hanglu, but it was not possible to talk to him.

Proctor Professor Ramsevak Dubey may be responsible for the handful of students responsible for these movements, but it is also true that all these movements were fought by student organizations of different ideologies and are still fighting.