Amit Shah: After 5 August, the whole situation has become normal in Kashmir

Amit Shah
Credit: The Economic Times

In the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the opposition raised the issue of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

 On this, Home Minister Amit Shah said that no person died in police firing after 5 August in the Union Territory and there has been a relative decrease in the stone pelting incident.

During this time he said that "Exams are being conducted in schools smoothly. Out of 50,537 students of class 11, 50,272 i.e. 99.48 per cent students have taken exams of 99.10 per cent students of class X. All the hospitals in the valley are open."

Petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and rice have increased by 8 to 16% over the previous year. 22 lakh metric tons of apple is expected to be produced. All landlines are operational. Shops are also continuously open. "
Amit Shah
Credit: DNA India

What did you say about the demand to remove the ban on the Internet?

Ghulam Nabi Azad asked that Kashmir is banned in the internet for three and a half months, it is historical.

On this, Amit Shah said, "In today's age, Internet is a very important undertaking for information, it should be started as soon as possible."

"Mobile came in the whole country in the 90s but in Kashmir it was started by the Bharatiya Janata Party government in 2003, before that it was not started for security reasons. Internet was also stopped for many years, only in 2002 there internet Has been granted permission. "

"It is true that this is a very important undertaking of information, but when there is a question of the security of the country, the question of the safety of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and the fight against terrorism, then we have to set our preference somewhere. And we will immediately reconsider it as soon as the administration of that place feels right. "
Amit Shah
Credit: India Today

What did Amit Shah say on health services?

Rajya Sabha MP Nazir Ahmed asked questions about the impact of education services and shortage of medicines in hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir for 3 months.

On this, Amit Shah said that "There is no shortage of medicines in hospitals. Vans of mobile medicines have been started. Medicines are available in plenty in hospitals too and people are also reaching hospitals. Government has taken up health All arrangements have been made. "

Amit Shah said, "7 lakh 67 thousand people visited OPD in Srinagar in September 2019 and 7 lakh 91 thousand in October. There is no health problem anywhere."

"If there is a deficiency in healthcare in any remote area, you can contact me directly, services will be provided within 24 hours."
Amit Shah
Credit: India Today

'Kashmir's situation is normal'

On the questions being asked on the situation in Kashmir, Amit Shah said that the whole situation has become normal there.

He said, "The situation is normal there. There are many misconceptions about it. I want to tell about the normalcy of the whole situation. As far as the law and order is concerned, after 5 August any police firing The person was not killed. CRPC 144 has been removed from 195 police stations. The incidents of stone pelting have decreased. "

Shah said, "All 20,411 schools are open. Exams are being taken smoothly. Out of 50,537 students of class 11, 50,272 students i.e. 99.48 percent and there are 99.7 percent students of class 10. All the hospitals in the valley are open." There is no problem anywhere on health. Petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and rice have increased by 8 to 16% compared to last year. "

However, the common people of Kashmir reject this claim of the Home Minister. BBC aide Majid Jahangir spoke to some common Kashmiri people on the streets of Srinagar and asked them about the claims of the Home Minister.

One person said, "Things are not right." The shops are open but the work is not going on. Schools are closed and children are sitting at home. My children too are sitting at home. I am also worried about the future of my children.

He said that he himself works in college and colleges are definitely open but there is no class. They say that some shops are open around the Lal Chowk, but shops in downtown only open in the morning, not in the evening.

Another person said that the situation should be normal or bad but it is not in the right of Kashmiris to finish 370. He said that the internet is still closed and many people have become unemployed.

A third person said that the situation is speaking normal, but so far prepaid is closed, internet is closed, everything is closed.

He said, "Amit Shah only knows if the conditions are good or not." We do not know. What can we say, we are Kashmiris. Amit Shah knows what to do. Who we are, we are Kashmiris. We have to die of hungry thirst here. ''
Amit Shah
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What Amit Shah say about the apple?

Amit Shah said, "Apples have gone out in large quantities. There is a possibility of production of 22 lakh metric tons of apples. There has been an arrangement for the exit of whole apples. NAFED has also arranged for the purchase."

During this, he said, "93,247 landlines have been opened. 5.9 million mobiles are operational. For urgent work, 280 earminals have been commissioned in 10 districts where internet is available."
Amit Shah
Credit: Swarajya

Media is working

During this, Amit Shah said that "All Urdu, English newspapers, all TV channels are operational. Their circulation is in line with the previous year. That means all the press media is working."

"Banking facility is fully operational. Clearing has not stopped for even a single day except for the first three days."

"Most shops are open in all areas in the valley."

NRC will be applicable in the whole country
Amit Shah also said during this time that NRC i.e. National Register of Citizens will be implemented in the whole country. But he also claimed that people of any religion need not be worried by this. Shah said that this is just a process which aims to bring all the citizens of the country inside NRC.

Amit Shah said that the people of Assam, whose name has not come in the NRC list, can go to the tribunal with their complaint. According to him, tribunals are being set up in the entire state for this work. He also said that if no one has the money to go to the tribunal, then the Assam government will help him financially in hiring a lawyer.