Bangladesh News: Onion became expensive in Bangladesh because of India?

Bangladesh News
Credit: The Daily Star

Bangladesh News: Not only India, but its neighboring country Bangladesh is also troubled by the onion prices.

 In India, onions are being sold for Rs 70-80 per kg, while in Bangladesh its prices have set new records.

Onions in Bangladesh are selling around 240 taka kg i.e. around 200 rupees kg in Indian currency. Whereas in Bangladesh, the price of onion used to be 30 to 40 taka i.e. 25 to 35 rupees.

Due to increased prices, people have also reduced the use of onion. After all, what is the reason behind the increasing price of onion in Bangladesh.

Farhana Parveen said that the most important reason for the rise in prices in Bangladesh is the ban on export of onion from India to Bangladesh in September.

Actually, Bangladesh gets about 40 percent of its onions from other countries. Of this, 95 percent of the onion is exported from India alone. In such a situation, when India stopped sending onions to Bangladesh, its direct impact was seen on the onion stock of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh News
Credit: TheDaily Star

What efforts government making?

One reason behind the increase in onion prices is that the big traders keep the onion in their godowns and their prices go up when the market is lacking. However, Farhana says that till now she has not seen any evidence of such black marketing in the Bangladesh market.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited India after the ban on India and she raised the issue with the Indian authorities and the government.

Farhana says that the government of Bangladesh has been contacting other countries for importing onions since September. Which includes Turkey, Myanmar and Egypt.

Apart from this, the government is also talking to the big onion traders present in the country so that prices can be controlled.

The government of Bangladesh is taking some steps to control the price of onion, but at present, the effect of their efforts is not felt on the market.
Bangladesh News
Credit: The Express Tribune

How did Bangladesh increase onion production?

Due to onion prices, there is a lot of anger among the general public. Both the shopkeeper and the customer have to bear the loss from these prices. Apart from the ban imposed by India, the lack of rain in Bangladesh has affected the onion yields.

Bangladesh grows only 60 percent of the onion in its land, but due to less rain, it has also decreased a lot. Bangladesh is very much dependent on other countries for onions.

In such a situation, the question arises whether Bangladesh can increase its onion production by reducing dependence on imports.

Pro. Zaheeruddin said that there is a need to increase onion production in the country, but farmers face some challenges in the production of this crop.

Zaheeruddin says that the farmers of Bangladesh place more emphasis on rice production than onion because they get more benefit in it.

In Bangladesh, onion is usually produced in winter. But now even new varieties of onion are being produced in summer.

However these new varieties cannot be stored for a long time. Apart from this, onion is also ruined due to rain.