Battle of Sinhagad: Who were Tanaji, after whom Shivaji said - I lost my lion

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This is the story of the Ran whose Rananayak Tanaji had won the fort of Sinhagad while fighting bravely, but he died while doing it.

When Shivaji came to know about the death of his warrior, he said - 'Garh Ala, Pan Singh Galla' means that he won the fort but lost his lion.

This story begins from the period when Sinhagad used to be named Kondhana. The fort, built at a height of about seven and a half hundred meters, was ruled by a Rajput commander Udaybhan.

Shivaji wanted to win back this fort. And for this, he gave responsibility to Tanaji. And after getting the order of Tanaji Shivaji reached there with his soldiers. Tanaji chose the time of night for this fight.

That night Tanaji gathered with his soldiers under the fort. The walls of the fort were so high that it was not possible to climb them easily. The climb was absolutely straight.

When nothing happened, Tanaji started climbing upwards with four-five brave soldiers. Climbing up slowly, Tanaji reached near the fort. After this, he tied the rope he brought with him to a tree and put it down. After this, other soldiers could also reach the fort above.

The story of this war, known as the war of Sinhagad, is published in the class four book published by Bal Bharti, an organization of the Government of Maharashtra.

But now a film is being made on Tanaji's bravery and this war, in which Ajay Devgan will be seen in the role of Tanaji.
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How difficult was it to win the fort?

It is said that when Shivaji got the order to conquer this fort, Tanaji was busy in his son's wedding. But soon after getting this order, Tanaji said that now he will take the fort first, then there will be talk of marriage.

Professor Anirudh Deshpande, who teaches history at Delhi University, tells the story behind this war.

He says, "These Forts were allotted to Aurangzeb under the Purandar Treaty between the Mughal Empire and Siva ji in 1665. Along with this, 23 other Forts like this were found by the Mughals."

After the Treaty of 1665, Shivaji went to Agra to meet Aurangzeb. But when he was imprisoned there, Shivaji somehow escaped from Agra and reached Maharashtra and he rejected the Pundardar pact and started the process of regaining all his 23 kills. "

Deshpande explains, "This was a very important fortress strategically. At that time, a Rajput commander named Udaybhan Rathod was guarding the main fort. And Tanaji Malusare was accompanied by his brother Surya Malusare."

Located in Haveli Tehsil, 20 km southwest of Pune city, the area of ​​this fort is 70,000 square kilometers. One gate of the fort opens towards Pune and the other gate opens towards Kalyan.

In the book printed by Balabharati it is told that when Tanaji climbed the fort, Surya ji along with his army reached the welfare gate of the fort. And started waiting for the door to open.
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When Udaybhan came to know about this, a huge fight broke out between the two groups.

Meanwhile, some soldiers of Tanaji went and opened the Kalyan gate. And Surya ji's soldiers came inside.

A fierce battle ensued between Tanaji and Udaybhan. But Udaybhan leaped at him and Tanaji's shield was broken due to Udaybhan's blows. But even after this, both kept fighting each other. And in the end both of them died there.

Seeing Tanaji dying, Maratha soldiers started running here and there.

Meanwhile, Surya ji reached there and found Tanaji fallen on the ground. After this, when Surya ji saw the soldiers running away, he told the soldiers that your general is dead fighting and you are running away. I have cut the rope to get down, now either jump from the fort and kill or openly attack your enemies.

When this lizard reached the fort, the soldiers started climbing the fort after that.

But Anirudh Deshpande does not seem to agree with this.

Another writer Stewart Gordon also wrote in his book 'The Marathas' that Maratha soldiers climbed the fort after being thrown down the rope.
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How special was this fort

It was said about the fort of Kondha that whoever has this fort, Poona will also belong to him.

In such a situation, when Tanaji won this fort, Shivaji changed the name of this fort to Sinhagad Fort.

Shortly after Tanaji won this fort, Aurangzeb once again won this fort.

But after this, Navaji Balkawade, fighting like Tanaji, regained this fort.

And finally, Queen Tarabai won this fort by fighting Aurangzeb.