BHU News: Campaign to save Brahmins' monopoly over Sanskrit in BHU?

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Maulvi Mahesh Prasad was a professor at the Arabic College in Lahore. In 1916, the Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu started at BHU.

In 1920, Madan Mohan Malaviya called Maulvi Mahesh Prasad to Benares and handed over the responsibility of Urdu, Persian and Arabic departments to him.

Maulvi Mahesh was a great scholar of all three languages. He was the head of Urdu, Persian and Arabic departments at BHU for more than two decades. In 1973, the departments of the three languages ​​were separated.

Right now, Aftab Ahmad Afaqi, the head of the Department of Urdu Department at BHU, says, "Mahesh Prasad had taken a maulvi's degree, so he has a maulvi before his name. Maulvi's degree means that you can teach the Quran. Maulvi Mahesh Prasad has Malviya ji laid a strong foundation for these three languages ​​in BHU and got it done. Chief of the department's. "
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Afqi believes that what is going on in the campus is a pity. He says, "For the first time in the 21st century, a Muslim has been selected to teach Sanskrit literature in BHU, then people are protesting under the guise of religion. Do they understand religion and language more than Malaviya ji? Feroz Khan's By opposing the appointment, these people are disrespecting Malaviya ji. Our Urdu department itself has Hindu professors. "

It is seven in the morning. Everything is normal in the BHU campus, but as soon as the VC reached near the residence, the road there was closed. Just in front of the housing gate, four students are sleeping with blankets draped. As soon as he arrived, he woke up with a sound of feet. These students are from the Faculty of Sanskrit Science and Religion. Two of these students got up to talk.
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Opposing arguments

Anandmohan Jha of Muzaffarpur and Shashikant Pandey of Gorakhpur. He started to argue that why a Muslim cannot be appointed as a teacher in this faculty. He said, "This will hurt the glory and sanctity of Hinduism, affect the superiority of Brahmins and in the coming time the number of Muslims in this faculty will increase."

They want to be a Hindu nation, rather they believe that it is a Hindu nation. During the argument, they started telling stories of superiority of Brahmins. When the argument grew, they reached Gandhi and Godse and then spoke a lot in anger, later they requested that please do not write them all.

VC Rakesh Bhatnagar has clearly said that the appointment will not be canceled, he says that Feroz Khan has been appointed as per the constitution and university rules. Studies have been stopped in the department for the last two weeks, this is when the Bisexual people are hardly involved in this protest.

Asked Anandmohan Jha and Shashikant Pandey if their housemates know that they are distracted by a Muslim being a professor and thus are spending the night on the road. Both of them started laughing at this question and Anandmohan said that if the people of his house know, then they will be very angry.
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Monopoly question

More than 95 percent of the students in the Sanskritology Faculty of Religion are Brahmins from the caste and about a hundred percent in the protests against Firoz Khan. They are worried that religion and Sanskrit will also end their monopoly?

These students say that if the appointment of Firoz Khan is also correct according to the rules of the university, then they will not accept it because it is more important to accept the stoneplate inside the faculty. Inside the faculty, a stone inscription is placed on the wall, on which it is written that only Hindus can come to this building and Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are also part and parcel of Hindu, so they can also come.

Will the university run through constitution and law or will it be from Shilapat? A student immediately responded, saying that "The decision to build the Ram temple in Ayodhya has been given by the court on the basis of the inscriptions, so why can't the shilpattas be followed in the appointment of Firoz Khan?"

There is also a philosophy department in this faculty, in which Jain philosophy and Buddhist philosophy are also taught. Ashok Kumar Jain, Professor of Jain Philosophy Department strongly denies that Jainism and Buddhism are part of Hinduism.

They also consider the opposition of students on the appointment of Firoz Khan wrong. Ashok Kumar Jain says, "Nothing will be gained from this. It is not appropriate to see the religion and caste of the teacher in education from anywhere. Appointment has been done according to the rule of the university and we should run according to the rule. The existence of Jainism is absolutely It is different and it is not part of any religion. Non-Hindus are not only Muslims but also Jain and Buddhist. "
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Sculpture excuse

Students opposing the appointment of Firoz Khan stay in Ruia Hostel. They repeatedly take the name of Mohammad, who sweeps the hostel to give an example of his attachment and tolerance with Muslims. When Mohammad reached the hostel, Mohammad was applying a broom. These students raised their voice with uncle's address. When the uncle of 55-60 years came, these students said, tell me, do you have any problem with us? The uncle agreed with the students' talk.

The University has officially clarified that Feroz Khan has been appointed to teach Sanskrit literature, he has been appointed in the Sanskrit Literature Department of the Faculty of Sanskrit Sciences. These students say that it is written on the Shilapatta that the entry of non-Hindus is prohibited in this faculty, it is also being spread that they have been appointed to teach rituals and Vedas which is not right.

Students opposing the appointment, many times, make this argument by mixing literature, religion and culture. Describing his arguments as tragic, Ashish Tripathi, Professor of BHU's Hindi Department, says, "Famous Shehnai player Bismilah Khan once got a proposal to settle abroad. On this proposal, he said that I will settle abroad but Vishwanath Temple and Ganga Kahan They should be read from Nazir Akbarabadi's 'Kanhaiya Ki Baalpan'. Hinduism will be well received by the tradition of Bismillah Khan and Nazir Not from opposing Firuz Khan? "

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Threat to Hinduism?

There are about seven hundred students in Sanskritology, Faculty of Religion, but girls are only 20-25. No girl is involved in opposing Firoz Khan. Even none of the girls who talked to the entire campus supported these students. A student named Rashmi Singh said in front of the students opposing Feroze Khan, "It is stupid and arbitrary". Rashmi asked whether the university will run by their rules or by the rules of a democratic country?

On the condition of anonymity, a professor who teaches theology in the same faculty said that a handful of people are involved in this protest but the entire faculty is kept hostage. He said, "Those who are doing this are neither doing good to Hinduism nor Sanskrit. These people are bent on making the language of Sanskrit as the language of history. They should be dealt with vigorously as bullying should not be heard. should be done."

Many professors within this faculty do not agree with their demands but the arguments of those who are in support are interesting. Professor GA Shastri has been the dean of this faculty and is currently a professor here. He is with the demands of students on Feroz Khan and says, "Feroze Khan threatens Hinduism."

His father sings bhajans in temples and even Firuz Khan himself sings bhajans, Professor Shastri smiles when asked about what danger Hinduism might pose to him.

One professor asked, "How can a cow meat eater come here?" When asked whether only vegetarians could come or hens and goats would be angry, he got angry. Hindus of Northeast India who eat beef also cannot become professors here? In response, he said, "No, not at all."

For the first time in the history of BHU, a Muslim has come as a teacher of Sanskrit but is not able to teach. Feroze has moved from Banaras to Jaipur. The media people are repeating the same question again and again and they have stopped their phones. They are waiting for everything to be normal soon.