BJP News: Amit Shah said: "BJP's loss from presidential rule, the opportunity is still open for the remaining parties"

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BJP News: On the stumbling block of formation of the government in Maharashtra, BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the imposition of the President's rule, not the opposition, but the BJP's loss.

Talking to news agency ANI, he said that the partner party Shiv Sena had made a condition that could not be accepted. He said that the decision of the Governor to impose President's rule was correct.

The Home Minister also said that if anyone has the strength of numbers, he can still present a claim to form a government before the Governor and the Governor has not refused to give any opportunity.

He said, "Right now everybody has time. Anyone can go there. Whose chance was snatched, how could they have snatched away? I do not understand that scholarly lawyers like Kapil Sibal are giving childish arguments that they should form a government in Maharashtra. Opportunity not found. You have the opportunity, you do not form the government. "

Amit Shah also said that during the election campaign, when Devendra Fadnavis was presented as the Chief Minister's face, no one objected.

"Before the election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I have said publicly on several occasions that if our coalition wins, Devendra Fadnavis will be the Chief Minister. Then no one objected.
BJP News
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The governor did not give the Shiv Sena 48 hours

In fact, after the BJP's inability to form a government, when no party could present the letter of support of the MLAs to the majority till Monday evening, the governor's recommendation was imposed on the governor on Tuesday on the recommendation of the governor. Gone.

Maharashtra has a total of 288 seats, but this time no party was able to win a majority in the assembly elections.

The governor, first of all, gave the BJP the highest seats, to form a government, but after leaving with the Shiv Sena, the BJP showed its inability to form a government. After that, Shiv Sena was appointed but the Shiv Sena demanded 48 hours postponement.

The governor denied his request and gave him a 24-hour delay. Later on Monday night, the Governor also invited the NCP to submit a claim for forming a government but did not give any such proposal to the Congress.

Ahmed Patel on Tuesday expressed his displeasure that it was not in line with the constitution.