BJP News: BJP MP such a decision came because of our government on the Ayodhya dispute

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BJP News: In Bharuch in Gujarat, controversy has arisen over a statement of BJP MP Mansukh Vasava in which he claimed that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ram temple as there is a BJP government at the center.

His statement was condemned by Congress and other opposition parties, accusing him of "spreading communal tensions".

MP Mansukh Vasava has been getting into controversy over his statements even before this.

In 2017, he made a statement that people were getting jobs by taking fake certificates from the Scheduled Tribes which had been disputed.

After the Ayodhya verdict, the MP said at a Diwali affair ceremony on Thursday evening in Bharuch that the issue of Ram Janmabhoomi is very old and the campaign was already underway in India's independence.
BJP News
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He said, "Because of the BJP government at the center, the Supreme Court had to decide in our favor."

The video of his speech went viral on social media on Friday.

However, after the controversy, Mansukh Vasava said that his speech was not taken in proper context.

Speaking to BBC Gujarati, he said that his intention was that because of the Narendra Modi government, there was nothing wrong with this decision and if there was another Prime Minister, the chaos could spread.
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Opposition criticized in a tone

On this statement of Mansukh Vasava, Congress spokesperson Nisar Vyas told the BBC Gujarati that Mansukh was a longtime MP but he did not realize the dignity of the Supreme Court.

"They have declared indirectly in a way that the central government is running the government machinery like CBI, Income Tax Department and ED," Vyas said.

"The Supreme Court has examined all aspects and made the verdict, but they are saying that this has happened at the behest of the government. Those who used to run in the name of Nyaya Ram of their political can now save Ram."

NCP leader Shankar Singh Waghela said that it was sad that some BJP leaders had insulted the Supreme Court decision for easy discussion. Such statements are an insult to the Supreme Court.

Hindustan Tehreek-e-Insaf Gujarat President Hamid Bhatti told the BBC Gujarati that the MP from Gujarat wants to increase the bitterness between the two communities by making such a statement.

Gujarat BJP president Jitu Waghani was contacted about Mansukh's statement but there was no response from him.

BJP News
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What did Babar's descendants say?

Claiming to belong to the sixth generation of Mughal emperor Babar over the statement of BJP MP Mansukh, Prince Tusi told the BBC that some politicians were making such statements which are sad for cheap popularity.

He said that before the independence of the country, this land belonged to the British government and no prayers were read there.

Prince Tusi said, "Our ancestor Babar had built this mosque to read the prayers of his soldiers. Secondly, there was a Muslim judge in the Supreme Court Bench who made the decision. Trying to destroy the cordiality of the country. "

"While the Muslims of the country have accepted this decision, I, the descendant of Babar, also welcome the Supreme Court verdict. People should refrain from doing such provocative things.

Meanwhile, Praveen Togadia, a former leader of the World Hindu Council and active in the construction of the Ram temple, declined to comment on Mansukh Vasava's statement.

"This is a Supreme Court decision, I will not insult the court by commenting on a leader who wants cheap popularity," he said.