Britain News: Women MPs forced to leave politics due to indecent remarks

Britain News
Credit: Financial time
Cases of indecent comments on female MPs in Britain are increasing rapidly. Some women leaders say that till date she has not been able to recover from such comments.

Rachel Reves, a Labor Party MP who wrote 'A History of Women in Parliament', says that the first female MP, Nancy Esther, made a place among male MPs after a long effort.

But in recent times, women MPs are getting threats of rape and murder. More than 50 MPs have said that they will not participate in the general elections to be held on 12 December. Of these, 18 are women MPs.

Many of these women believe that the comments on them are the most important reason behind this decision.

UK culture secretary Nikki Morgan has been receiving many threats. He was threatened by a 64-year-old man, Robert Vidler, on the phone, saying, "He has days left to count." The man was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison.
Britain News
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Nikki says that being her MP directly impacts her family. In the last decade, indecent comments made on people have changed 'to a great extent' because at a time when the debate on Brexit is hot in the country, people have a special opinion on the current scenario of politics.

Liberal Democrat and former Tory MP Heidi Allen has also decided not to contest. He was also threatened with death. A 51-year-old man had sent a mail with a fake email ID on his attitude regarding brevity. However, this man was also sentenced to jail for 42 weeks.

In a letter to people in her constituency, Allen said, "No job should require threatening, intimidating emails, vulgar comments on social media and panic alarms at home. Of course, expect a public inquiry It has to be done, but many times people cross the fixed scope. Its effect is very bad and sometimes inhuman.