BSNL is putting pressure on employees for VRS: Union

Credit: Finance Minutes

BSNL chief PK Purwar says that 79,000 employees of the company have voluntarily applied for the Retirement Scheme (VRS).

BSNL employs around 1,60,000 employees.

Under the VRS scheme, an employee decides to leave the job of his choice during his service period.

The company's employees union has alleged that employees applying for VRS are taking these steps under the company's alleged pressure.

Company chairman and managing director PK Purwar denies the allegations.

According to the news agency PTI, this scheme will remain in force till December 3 and BSNL is expecting a saving of Rs 7,000 crore on the salary head with the help of this scheme.
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Telecom sector

According to the scheme, employees of 50 years or above can take VRS.

Recently, the Union Cabinet had approved the proposal of BSNL and MTNL. MTNL provides services in Mumbai and Delhi while BSNL in the rest of the country.

Apart from this, the government also talked about a rescue package in which there were steps like allocation of funds to buy 4G spectrum.

The condition of the telecom sector is bad due to the burden of millions of crores of rupees.

In February, the news of delay of 15 days in the salary of BSNL employees made big headlines in the media.

Some time ago a former senior official told that the average age of BSNL employees is 55 years, and that "80 per cent of these are burdensome on BSNL as they are technically illiterate who do not want to learn new technology and its impact on young Falls on staff morale. "
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Staff complaint

BSNL Employees Union denies these allegations.

On such a large number of employees applying for VRS, Swapan Chakraborty of BSNL Employees Union told, "People are getting threats that if they do not do this then they will be transferred, they will not get salary. This is why they are taking VRS. "

Another employee also made similar allegations.

On the profile of the employees taking VRS, PK Purwar told the BBC, "All officers over the age of fifty, irrespective of their field, cadre and service, are opting for the VRS scheme."
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VRS also in MTNL

Chakraborty says, "Employees taking VRS are losing millions. They have lost their gratuity, salary revision. Employees are mentally disturbed."

BSNL chief PK Purwar denied the allegations, saying, "BSNL is a PSU (public sector undertaking) where such things do not happen. These factless allegations are being made by some interested parties."

According to PTI, MTNL has also started VRS scheme for its employees, which will remain in force till December 3.