Iran News: Why are the Protests in Iran different this time

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Protests started in Iran on the rising prices of petrol are still continuing.

But this performance is different from earlier performances. Seeing these demonstrations that started on November 15, the demand for change of power reached.

People from all over the country took to the streets and set fire to the posters of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khameni, calling them dictators.

According to a report by the United Nations and Amnesty International, 106 people died in six days of violent demonstrations in dozens of cities across the country. According to other sources, the death toll is even higher.

However, Iran has not confirmed any such numbers and blamed the foreign enemies behind this protest.
Iran News
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What different this time

According to Iran expert, what is different in these protests is excessive violence, widespread vandalism and brutal action of the administration.

At the same time, regional observers say that orders have been given not to take pity and to suppress the protest as soon as possible. In these, not only the protesters have been killed but thousands of people have also been arrested.

Experts also tell that the protests that are happening right now are not focused only on the capital Tehran, but these protests are taking place across the country and many cities are involved in it.

Also, there is no leader of these demonstrations and for the first time in recent years, middle class people are also participating in it.
Iran News
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Who are the protestors

A female protestor told , "We have a lot of financial problems." Meat is expensive, chicken is expensive, eggs are expensive and now oil (petrol) has also become expensive.

The protests started in economically weaker areas, where people got angry with the increase of petrol price by 200 percent. Then gradually these demonstrations spread throughout the country.

Iran is facing a bad economic situation after the US again imposed a ban on Iran in 2018.

Inflation is above 40 percent and unemployment is 15 percent.

According to local observers, "Due to these reasons President Rouhani is not able to fulfill many of his electoral promises and there is deep dissatisfaction among the people due to the falling economy and no political changes".

Says a expert, "Now the President has lost his base class as well as the middle class because his restlessness has turned into anger and he has also joined the protest."

Tensions between ethnic minorities and the central government have also created unrest in areas that want to secede from Iran.
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Restrictions on the Internet

According to experts, Internet services have been stopped in many cities of Iran since Saturday, due to which it has become difficult to know how large scale protests are taking place.

But according to Madyar Sameenjad, a man associated with Amnesty International, his research shows that there has been a large-scale violence in Iran in which 21 cities of Iran have lost at least 106 lives.

Sameenjad says that the protesters are unable to contact each other due to the internet being shut down.

He told, "There is a bad condition of connectivity in all areas. People do not have complete information. They do not know who is organizing the protest. ''

experts say, "Some people use a virtual private network ie VPN, with the help of this they can send or receive private data without a public server but now no one can go online, almost all The place is a total shut-down. ''

"Whatsapp is not working, telegram was stopped two years ago ... Now through this shutdown, the administration has set new limits on the restrictions on technology."

Meanwhile, it is also being seen that people are once again writing messages on paper and sending them to each other.
Iran News
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What will happen next in Iran?

As soon as the protesters withdrew from the streets, supporters of the government came down the same road. President Hassan Ruhani said after this, "It shows the defeat of our enemies." He was plotting against us for more than two years.

So far it has not been clear who is behind these protests. However, the President has alleged that these demonstrations are getting help from America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Iran's official media says that everything has become normal again in Iran, but the ground conditions are telling a different story. The way Iran's economy is collapsing, people's anger is not expected to calm down soon.