Italy News: Declare emergency in Venice due to floods

Italy News
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The government has declared an emergency after nearly 6 feet (1.87 m) of water was flooded in the city of Venice, Italy.

Many well-known places of the city including Basilica have been surrounded by water due to the sea water entering the city.

To take stock of the situation, a cabinet meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, after which the government decided to declare a state of emergency.

Electricity supply has been cut in the city due to floods.
Italy News
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Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has described the flood as a "heart-wrenching injury" and said that after the declaration of a state of emergency, the government will now work faster to help people and raise the necessary money and resources.

After visiting the city on Wednesday, Prime Minister Conte wrote on his Facebook page, "It is painful to see the devastation that has taken place in the city, the city's heritage has been affected and all business activities have stopped."
Italy News
The Prime Minister has said that on the declaration of emergency, each person can claim up to five thousand euros and businesses up to twenty thousand euros as compensation for the damage caused by the flood.

80 percent of this city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and due to this millions of tourists come here to visit.

The city administration has said that many museums will also be closed due to floods on Thursday.
Italy News
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According to the administration, on Wednesday, the city residents were warned about the high waves in the sea, but it was not expected that they would be more than 130 centimeters.

City Mayor Luigi Brugnaro says that for the first time in more than 50 years, the city has faced such a huge crisis and it will have a deep impact.

Brugnaro says that St. Mark's Basilica has suffered "serious damage". He says that the structure of Bausilica has been damaged due to flood water and it will cost millions of euros to compensate for this damage.

On Wednesday, a motor pump has been used to drain the stagnant water inside the basilica.
Italy News
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With the rise in the water level, the tourists who have come to the city have started returning. Due to this, the work of small businessmen of the city has come to a standstill.

A shopkeeper told the mayor that his work depended only on tourists and his shop was destroyed due to floods.

The city of Venice is made up of small islands in the middle of a lagoon in the northeast of Italy. Every year the city has to face the problem of floods.
Italy News
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According to the government data collected from 1923, the first such situation arose in 1966 when the flood water was filled up to 1.94 meters high.

Two people have died due to flooding in the island of Pelastrina, Venice.

While operating the motor pump, one person died of electrocution while another person was found dead on the island.

Prime Minister Conte has said that the Moss project was partially successful tested in 2013, but will not be fully operational before 2021.

This project started in the year 2003 and has also invested billions of euros in it. But this project is growing slowly due to allegations of corruption and bribery.

In 2014, former Mayor of the city Giorgio Orsoni had to resign on charges of manipulation of government money associated with this project.