Karnataka news : Seal of Supreme Court when 17 MLAs are disqualified

Karnataka news
Credit: The Hindu

The Supreme Court has upheld the speaker's decision to disqualify 17 MLAs who have rebelled from the government of the Janata Dal Secular and the Congress coalition.

Due to the rebellion of these MLAs, the JDS and Congress government in Karnataka had collapsed and BJP's Yeddyurappa had a chance to form a government.

However, the court rejected the Karnataka Assembly Speaker's decision in which he was banned from contesting elections till 2023. Of these, 14 are from the Congress and three from the JDS.

The Speaker disqualified the legislators on the basis of defamation law in July. When the Speaker disqualified these MLAs, he also said that he could not contest any election till the end of the term of this assembly. The Speaker's decision was rejected by the Supreme Court.

The legislators had challenged the speaker's decision in the Supreme Court and urged the verdict of disqualification to be invalid. The JDS and the Congress, on the other hand, also went to court saying that the verdict on disqualification should be upheld. These seats are due to be held by December 5. The BJP has 106 MLAs in the Karnataka Assembly with 224 seats.

A bench of Justices NV Ramanna, Justice Sanjeev Khanna and Justice Krishna Murari told the petitioners, "The way you have come here is not the right way. You should have gone to the High Court first. ''