Maharashtra News: BJP withdrew, will Shiv Sena be able to form government now?

Maharashtra News
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The political drama that has been taking place in Maharashtra for many days has come at an interesting point. Late Sunday evening, the BJP made it clear that it was not forming a government.

As the largest party, Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari gave the BJP till Monday to prove the majority. But before that, the BJP pulled back.

Subsequently, the Governor has appointed Shiv Sena as the second largest party in the state to form the government.

BJP and Shiv Sena had contested in the alliance. After coming to the results, the Shiv Sena told the BJP that according to the promise made before the vote, the Chief Minister's post should be given to his party for two and a half years.

But after the BJP rejected it, the Shiv Sena refused to support the BJP.
Maharashtra News
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What could be the way forward now?

"There was some pressure on the BJP already. But it seemed that the Shiv Sena had created more pressure on the BJP."

The results of the Maharashtra elections came on October 24. But the two parties, which were in the pre-election alliance and those who should have formed the government together, have been deeply involved in the Chief Minister's seat.

In the elections for the 288-seat assembly, BJP had won 105, Shiv Sena 56, NCP 54 and Congress 44 seats.

She says, "I think the BJP is playing its cards more cleverly in both. The Governor had given the BJP the opportunity to form a government, then the BJP clearly said that we do not have numbers and we cannot form a government." "

"After that, the BJP, like giving a comment, said that now Shiv Sena can form a government whether it is with the NCP and Congress. By doing so, the BJP has thrown the ball into the hands of the Shiv Sena. Now let's see what the Shiv Sena would say. Is. "

The Shiv Sena had given hints on Sunday morning that it would form a government by compromising with the BJP in the name of Hindutva. But by noon, the Shiv Sena changed its attitude and said that they have no objection to going with the Congress.