Maharashtra election: Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress-picture are still pending

Maharashtra election
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Maharashtra election: Election dates for Maharashtra and Haryana were announced simultaneously. The results came the same day.

While the weeks have passed since the formation of the government in Haryana, the President's rule has been implemented in Maharashtra.

However, since the results came, there has been a political upheaval in Maharashtra but on Tuesday, the day was recorded as a historic date in Maharashtra politics. The state had a presidential rule.

For the third time in Maharashtra, the President's rule
So far 125 different presidential regimes have been imposed in different states of the country. In Maharashtra, only twice before this, the presidential rule started.

For the first time, the President's rule was imposed in Maharashtra on February 17, 1980. Then, simultaneous presidential rule was announced in seven states.
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Then there was Maharashtra Chief Minister Sharad Pawar and he had a majority. For the first time, the presidential rule lasted 112 days in Maharashtra.

For the second time on September 28, 2014, President's rule was imposed in Maharashtra. Then there was the Congress government in the state, which separated its allies, including the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), and dissolved the assembly. This presidential rule lasted for 32 days.
Maharashtra election
Credit: India Today

Maharashtra has a total of 288 seats, but this time, no party has won a majority in the assembly elections.

The governor had, first of all, given the BJP the highest seats, to form a government, but the BJP refused. After that, Shiv Sena was appointed but the Shiv Sena demanded 48 hours postponement.

The governor denied his request and gave him a 24-hour delay. Later on Monday night, the Governor also invited the NCP to submit a claim for forming a government but did not give any such proposal to the Congress.

Ahmed Patel on Tuesday expressed his displeasure that it was not in line with the constitution.
Maharashtra election
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Now what can happen in Maharashtra politics?

By the way, everything is changing so fast in Maharashtra politics that nothing can be said for sure, but senior journalist Samar Khadas, who monitors Maharashtra's politics, believes that this presidential rule will end soon.

According to Samar Khadas, "The way Ahmed Patel and Sharad Pawar conducted a press conference on Tuesday gives clear indication that in the coming days, Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP will form a government together."

 This alliance be able to give a permanent government?

In response to this question, Samar Khadas says, "It is true that the ideologies of these three parties are quite different, but weren't the alliance of BJP? If BJP can make such successful experiments, why can't these three parties do so?"

The support of a Shiv Sena, will the Congress not be harmed in North India?

Samar says, "Has the BJP suffered a loss. No. The alliance between BJP and Shiv Sena has been for years but despite it the BJP's government in both the states and their victory in the Lok Sabha is proof that the alliance with the Shiv Sena. The destiny of a party in North India is not determined. "

Although they say that if a coalition government is formed, no claim can be made as to what will be the formula of power, but today it has been talked about forming a government between the three parties.