Pakistan News: Imran Khan should mercy on 22 million people

Pakistan News
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The news related to Nawaz Sharif going to London for treatment of Nawaz Sharif and the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) was the biggest news in the Urdu newspapers published this week.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister and Muslim League (Noon) leader Nawaz Sharif has gone to London for treatment. But when he goes to London, there is a lot of politics in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif has been found guilty in a corruption case but these days he is on bail. Meanwhile, his health is also bad due to which he was in hospital for many days.

His party said that he needed to go out for treatment. Imran Khan's government allowed him to leave, but at the same time put a condition that he would have to pay a bond of seven billion Pakistani rupees.

Nawaz Sharif refused to accept this condition of the government and approached the Lahore High Court against it.

He got relief from the court and got permission to go out of the country for bondless treatment.
Pakistan News
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Nawaz Sharif recovered after seeing the ship?

According to the newspaper 'World', Imran Khan has raised questions on his illness and medical certificate.

The newspaper has put the title, "Nawaz Sharif exactly how, need to be investigated: Imran Khan".

The newspaper further writes, Imran Khan said that 'When Nawaz Sharif saw the ship climbing the stairs, he put the report of the doctors in front, it was written that the patient can die at any time'.

The newspaper 'Jung' has written that Imran Khan is asking that he was told that Nawaz Sharif cannot be treated in Pakistan, then whether the patient is cured by seeing the plane or by the air of London, it should be investigated. needed.

The Muslim League (Noon) has responded fiercely to this statement of Imran Khan.
Pakistan News
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'Imran Khan has become a brain patient'
According to the newspaper Express, the Muslim League (Noon) has said that the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) has become a brain patient in the process of political revenge. Speeches that spread hate should be prosecuted.

Muslim League spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has said that it has been proved that the Prime Minister's mental balance has deteriorated, his medical checkup should be done because the whole world listens when the Prime Minister is speaking.

According to the newspaper world, the Muslim League said, "They are Wazir-e-Azam or Nagafil-e-Azam, Nawaz Sharif was sent by ambulift to the ship".

Senior League leader and party general secretary Ahsan Iqbal attacked Imran Khan fiercely and said, "Imran Khan Nawaz Sharif should come out of phobia." Have mercy on 22 crore people who are suffering the brunt of your lies and inexperience.

According to the newspaper, Ahsan Iqbal named Imran Khan a 'Prime Disinformer'.
Pakistan News
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Uproar over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

There have been differences between Pakistan and America regarding China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The newspaper 'Jung' gave it the title, "Pakistan America face-to-face on CPEC, America said burden on Pakistani economy, China benefits".

According to the newspaper 'Jung', US Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Alice Wells has said that CPEC will benefit China but it will damage the Pakistani economy.

According to the US minister, the terms of Chinese loans are very strict on Pakistan and Pakistan will have a lot of trouble in paying it.

Alice Wells said that Pakistan should ask tough questions to China about this project. The Deputy Minister also made allegations of corruption in CPEC.

He also said that the United States has a better model for providing financial help to Pakistan.

China has rejected these allegations of America.

Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan Zausing said that if information is not available then it is easiest to talk about corruption.

Without naming the US, he said that some forces want to crack the friendship between China and Pakistan and do not want to see CPEC succeed.

Making a big announcement, the Chinese ambassador said that Pakistan would not ask for the loan if it needed it. China has signed a $ 46 billion investment agreement in Pakistan under CPEC.
Pakistan News
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What are the news related to Kashmir?

News of India-administered Kashmir in Pakistan's newspapers is no longer making headlines like it used to be earlier, but there is still some news related to it.

According to the newspaper 'World', a bill has been introduced in Kashmir against the alleged Indian oppression in Kashmir.

The newspaper writes that Member of Parliament Rashida Talib introduced the bill in the lower house of the US Parliament.

The bill appeals to India to end the lockdown issued in the Kashmir Valley for 110 days.

The bill states that India is using force against Kashmiris. The bill also demands that the United Nations team be allowed to go to India-administered Kashmir.

According to 'World', a group of lawyers in Britain wrote to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing concern over the arrest of three thousand people including lawyers after August 5.