Pollution in Pakistan: Is India responsible?

Pollution in Pakistan
Credit: Pakistan Today

Pollution in Pakistan: Pollution is widespread in many parts of northern India and Pakistan. For this, there is a period of allegations against both politicians and politicians.

Pakistan's ministers have blamed the burning of parali in India for pollution in Lahore.

At this time every year there is an incident of burning of parali as it is time to sow the next crop. However, this causes large amounts of smoke and dangerous particles are released into the air.

On the other hand, a senior Indian politician says for the poisonous air of Delhi that it is due to Pakistan or China.
Pollution in Pakistan
Credit: Geo.tv

how true is all these claims?

Pakistan's Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaz Gul Wazir tweeted a picture of the US space agency NASA, saying that the burning of parali in India was the main cause of pollution in Lahore.

In his tweet, people asked the question whether it was right to blame the pollution across the border.

At the same time, BJP leader Vineet Aggarwal Sharda in India blamed both Pakistan and China for pollution in India. He said that there is a fear that 'poisonous air' is being released by these countries which is affecting the country's capital, Delhi.

However, it is not clear who was directly responsible for this, as parali is not only burnt in the rural areas of Pakistan but it is also burned in India.