Putting a picture of the PM President of India in the advertisement will incur huge penalties

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Misuse of the picture of the Prime Minister and the President can now carry up to six months imprisonment and a fine of five lakh rupees.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, the central government, aware of the use of the image of Narendra Modi in the advertisement of private companies, is going to introduce punishment for the first time in the 1950 symbol and name (Prevention of Inappropriate Use) Act. At the same time, the penalty amount has been increased by one thousand times to five lakh rupees.
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The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has drafted a seven-decade-old law amendment.

The Law Ministry has also given its approval. After taking public opinion, the draft will be sent to the central cabinet for approval. The government is trying to pass this law in the winter session of Parliament itself.

Earlier, there was a provision of a fine of Rs 500 on the misuse of the picture of the Prime Minister and the President.