Russia News: The secret of Russian rocket

Russia News
Credit: The Independent

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to pursue work on a nuclear rocket that is believed to have killed five engineers and two others during a test blast.

This accident is said to be on August 8. Defense experts believe that the test was part of the nuclear cruise missile.

To the widows of the dead, the Russian President said, "Whatever happens, we will fix this weapon."

The Russian President said, "Such unique technology is very important in itself, which is reliable and is a guarantee of peace on earth."

Putin said this on Thursday when the dead were being honored posthumously at a ceremony held in the Kremlin.
Russia News
According to Russia's nuclear agency Rosatom, the test was being carried out at the Nyonoska Naval Test Range when the fire broke out, the engine exploded and those who were nearby fell into the sea.

A total of seven people were killed and six others were injured in the blast.

The radiation level had increased by 16 times due to the explosion.

After this, the cleaning work was also done with great secrecy.
Russia News
Credit: The Independent

What was being tested?

Russia had just confirmed that at the time of the accident, an engine powered by nuclear power was being tested.

There is speculation that it may be an anti-ship missile or a long-range underwater drone.

But experts in Russia and the West believe that it could possibly be the 9M730 Burevastnik missile, which NATO knows as 'Skyfall'.

According to President Putin, its range is 'endless'.

It has been prepared for the response of nuclear attack.