Sabarimala Temple: The doors will open from today

Sabarimala Temple
Credit: DNA India

The doors of the Sabarimala temple are going to open from Saturday, but even before that the Kerala Government's Left Front Government has dashed the hopes of women below 50 years.

 These women wanted to see Bhagwana Ayyappa.

After several rounds of talks with legal experts, the government has decided that after a long climb, it will not provide any police protection to the women coming to this temple on the hill.

Dewasam Board Minister Kedakampally Surendran says, "Sabarimala is not the place of any agitation. If they want to go, they should come with a copy of the Supreme Court order and demand police protection."

This decision of the state government has come when the matter of the entry of women in the Sabarimala temple has been referred to the bench of seven judges.
Sabarimala Temple
Credit: India Today

The doors will be open till the third week of January

The Supreme Court has not stayed its 28 September 2018 order. In this decision, the court placed gender equality and fundamental rights above the tradition and allowed women of all ages to pray in the Sabarimala temple.

The session called Mandala-Makaravilakku, which starts from tomorrow, will run till the third week of January. Last year some women tried to visit the temple, after which there was a lot of discussion about this temple.

Despite police protection, she could not visit the temple because during that time there was a demonstration of 'male devotees' which had the support of BJP. One of them was Trupti Desai, a social activist from Maharashtra.

Apart from this, on 2 January, two women entered the temple without any police help and worshiped. Both these women were Bindu Aminni and Kanakadurga, whose age was below 40 years.

This time too many women workers were hoping that the government would provide police protection to them. But still the spokesperson of Renaissance Women's Movement, a forum of many women's groups, says that they are clear about the fact that they will run according to their plans.