Kartarpur News: Siddhu praises Modi in front of Imran in Kartarpur

 Kartarpur News
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"What will you get if you kill someone by killing, then kill with favor. The enemy can never die and never raise your head and walk away from the favor of the dead."

Congress leader and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu arrived as a special guest on the occasion of the inauguration of the Kartapur Corridor, in praise of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, twice he also thanked the Prime Minister of India.

Sidhu is known for his jokes and poetic speeches, and this time he has the same attitude.

Sidhu has been openly praising the Prime Minister of Pakistan before, and this time he has not left any stone unturned. He has been talking to Imran Khan as his friend and this time he was also very friendly.

When Sidhu was invited on the stage, his introduction was like this.
 Kartarpur News
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"He has been a top batsman. He is also known as Sixer Sidhu. He is very aggressive in batting as well as in politics. He speaks for human beings. He has a passion for human beings. The man-of-the-match title was won in Sialkot and now he has also become Man of the Match of Kartarpur.His love of Pakistan and especially of Imran Khan is proof that he Stig has scored nine centuries also created against Pakistan but in cricket. The evidence of His love. "
 Kartarpur News
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What did Navjot Singh Sidhu say?

"In the meantime, the floods of the river are often swept away. All the time, big storms are swept away. The people of the world often cycle in time ... but some are like Imran Khan who made history. 

Sidhu began his speech with these alphabets.

Sidhu said that Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has faith in 14 million Sikhs. They are a living history. Those who have not seen any profit, no deal, have taken this step in the name of God alone.

Addressing PM Khan, he said that by opening the Kartapur Corridor, he has done a great favor to the Sikh community. But it is a matter of claim that now the place where the Sikh community will take them, they themselves cannot imagine it.

Sidhu said that in return for this favor, the Sikh community will now read the citations of Imran Khan's compliments wherever he goes. Like their spokesman, they will boast.

He said that even though I am standing alone on the platform and saying all these things, the truth is that what is in my heart is also feeling 14 million Sikhs today.

He said, "In exchange for your love and love, your gift of love, I have come to thank you for giving me the most expensive thing I have ever said. Yes. "

Prime Minister Imran Khan also thanked Siddhu for his address.