Congress News: Sonia-Priyanka-Rahul no longer have SPG security

Congress News
Credit: India today

 The SPG security system of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has been withdrawn by the Government of India. 

 The security system of the Special Protection Group (SPG) is available to the current Prime Minister and former Prime Minister, besides his immediate family.

SPG was formed in 1988, a few years after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. The SPG has an annual budget of over Rs 375 crore and is considered the most expensive and robust security system in the country.

After the removal of SPG protection from members of the Gandhi family, this facility is now available only to the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The SPG security system is considered to be the most circumspect security system, but how many people are deployed in it is not certain. It may be up and down in view of the risk of danger.
Congress News
Credit: India TV
SPG's fleet also includes a fleet of vehicles and air transport. The SPG works under the Cabinet Secretariat.

On the other hand, the three members of the Gandhi family will now get Z-plus category security.

Z-Plus category security is the most stringent security system in the country after SPG. It is considered to be VVIP category security. 55 security personnel are deployed in this category of security. In this, soldiers of National Security Guards are deployed.

The NSG is responsible for the first encirclement in this security. Apart from this, ITBP and CRPF personnel also remain in the Z Plus security category.