Australia fire: Terrible fires, three deaths in Australia's forests

Australia fire
Credit: Global News

At least three people have been killed and four others are missing in a fierce fire in Australia's jungle.

On the second day of emergency due to the fire on Saturday, authorities have raised the possibility of death toll.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that at present about 100 places have been set on fire and the army can call on 1,300 fire crews to help deal with it.

Hundreds of citizens are also working to help in affected areas of Queensland and New South Wales.
Australia fire
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"I feel sorry for those who lost their lives or lost a family member," Morrison said.

Thousands of people in Queensland spent the night in vacant camps. However, officials have said that they can now go home.

Meanwhile, fire officials in New South Wales have confirmed that more than 150 homes were damaged due to the fire.

Heavy winds and 35 degrees Celsius worked to extinguish the flames. Where there is a fire, many of them are located in drought-hit areas.
Australia fire
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Who has been affected?

During a clearing of the affected areas on Friday, firefighters recovered the body of a man who was burnt by a car near Glen Inn, about 550 kilometers (340 miles) north of Sid Ni.

In the same city, on the same day, a woman was severely burnt. He was taken to the hospital but died shortly after.

A burned body was recovered from a house near Tari, a city about 300 km from Sydney, after which New South Wales police confirmed a third person was killed on Saturday.

Police said the house belonged to a 63-year-old woman but they would not be able to confirm the identity until postmortem took place.