Technology News India: This inexpensive technology of India will save many people from landslides in mountainous areas

Technology News India
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Landslides are common in rural and hilly areas of India, especially after heavy rains. Scientists now say that they have developed a very low cost technique to detect it.

According to him, he has invented this technology using the motion sensor commonly found in smartphones.

Currently, this equipment is being trialled in more than 20 places in Himachal Pradesh. Every year dozens of people are killed by landslides here.

Scientists say that they hope that this will help in reducing the deaths and damage caused by these natural disasters to a great extent.

An accelerometer is a type of motion sensor that measures speed changes. With the help of this sensor, your smartphone understands how you have captured the phone and accordingly the screen comes in horizontal or vertical orientation.
Technology News India
But now scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, have found that it can be used as a low-cost technique to detect landslides with some changes.

It would cost only about Rs 20,000 to make it, which is much less than the cost of existing technologies.
Technology News India

Officials say that due to the high incidence of landslides in Himachal Pradesh, the instability of the hilly terrain and the Himalayas is a big reason.

However, the large-scale deforestation and illegal construction coupled with excessive rainfall has increased the problem considerably.

The Environment Information Center of the Ministry of Environment and Forests has said in a report that the number of deaths due to landslides has also been seen due to increasing connectivity with roads and increasing number of trains here. Landslides often destroy roads and homes, many of which are made of materials like clay, clay or bricks.