Saudi Arabia News: Twitter employees used to spy on Saudi Arabia?

 Saudi Arabia News
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In the US, two former Twitter employees have been accused of spying for Saudi Arabia.

In this case, which surfaced on Wednesday in San Francisco, it is alleged that Saudi agents sought personal information of many Twitter users, including critics of Saudi Arabia's government.

The names of these two agents have been described as US citizen Ahmed Abuhouamo and Saudi Arabian Ali Alzabra.

Apart from these two people, Saudi citizen Ahmed Almutairi has also been accused of espionage. Alamutairi is alleged to have acted as an intermediary between the two agents and the Saudi authorities.

On Wednesday, a Seattle court sent Ahmed Abuhouamo into custody. He is also accused of rigging in documents and misrepresentation from FBI.
 Saudi Arabia News
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It is said that Abouyamo quit the job of his Twitter media partnership manager in 2015.

It is also believed that both Ali Alzabra and Ahmed Almutairi are currently in Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, Alzbara, who was an engineer on Twitter, researched the personal data of more than six thousand Twitter users in 2015.

Investigators said that supervisors then interfered in that case and Alzabra was sent on leave. After that, Alzabra, his wife and daughter all migrated to Saudi Arabia.

Twitter said in a statement that it is seeing to what extent people can go in efforts to weaken its service.

Twitter wrote, "We understand the incredible danger for those who use Twitter to share their vision with the world and hold accountability in power. We have the ability to protect our users' privacy and their ability to do important work." Tools. "
 Saudi Arabia News
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Saudi Arabia is an important partner country of USA in Middle East.

Despite the condemnation of President Donald Trump internationally after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashojji, he maintained a close relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Khashojji went to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on 2 October where he was assassinated. He was a journalist considered a critic of the Saudi government.