Supreme Court Ayodhya: What did the people of Ayodhya say on the Supreme Court decision

 Supreme Court Ayodhya
Credit: The independent

On Saturday evening, when the sun was shining behind the domes of the temples along the river Saryu, the city of Ayodhya was quiet.

People who went out for jogging met the priests who were going with the devotees. The devotees were reciting verses in the temple premises on the river. Everything looked normal here.

A few hours ago, the people of this city with temples celebrated the Supreme Court's decision to allow the Ram temple to be built. But by evening he returned to his daily routine.

The Supreme Court verdict was actually welcomed by most people in Ayodhya.

There was a sense of relief in the people. Local resident and shopkeeper Karthik Gupta and his brother Rakesh Gupta said that they are very happy about the news of Ram temple being built, but they were more pleased to know that the decades old issue that had cracked people was now over.
 Supreme Court Ayodhya
Credit: The Hindu
One of them said, "Form two generations, the entire country was divided in the temple-mosque dispute but now the matter has come to an end by the Supreme Court."

His brother had the same idea, "This decision is good for the country. At least now we can move on."

In his religious veneer, a group of priests were happy that the Ram temple would eventually be built on the disputed land, but he said he was bored with politicians politicizing the issue.

One of them said, "It was a religious issue. But different political parties made it a major political issue. The Supreme Court has now taken away their issue."

It is generally believed that the Bharatiya Janata Party takes credit for the rise of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, which was started by its affiliated organizations, Vishwa Hindu Parishad.