What is the impeachment process against Trump and what will happen next?

 impeachment process against Trump
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Investigation is going on in the US under the impeachment case against President Donald Trump.

Under this process, Trump may have to leave the presidency if convicted in the charges against him.

In this process, the committee, which is now hearing the case of impeachment, has sent a call to Trump to join this process.

Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler has said that Trump can be part of this process or stop complaining about this process, if President Trump is involved in this process, he can ask questions to witnesses.

What is the case against Trump?
This will be the next phase of the impeachment process in which phone calls between Trump and Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zalensky, will be investigated.
 impeachment process against Trump
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In this phone conversation, President Trump allegedly asked to investigate against Joe Biden (the Democratic Party's main candidate in next year's presidential election) and his son Hunter Biden, who had worked for Ukrainian energy company Burizma.

Now the matter is under investigation on whether Trump had threatened to stop the US military aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukraine to investigate.

What did gerald nadler say?

Nadler has given a statement on the issue saying that he has sent a written invitation to President Trump to attend the hearing to be held next month.

He said, "There is only one option in front of President Trump. He can take advantage of this opportunity and come to the impeachment hearing or he can stop complaining about this process. We can also discuss with him whether his The alleged steps give the House the right to take impeachment proceedings. "