kalapani issue: Why did Nepal become angry after showing Kalapani in India

kalapani issue
Credit: India today

 Just a few days ago, on 31 October, the Government of India formally released a map of the country after making Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh a Union Territory.

In this map, Kalapani and Lipu text areas located between Uttarakhand and Nepal are shown inside India.

India says that there is nothing new in this. Naya only Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are shown two centrally administered areas instead of one state. But Nepal claims that these areas belong to it.

Nepal's Foreign Ministry said in a press release, "The Government of Nepal is very clear that Kalapani is the territory of Nepal".
kalapani issue
Credit: LatestLy
India's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said, "Our map has an accurate depiction of India's sovereign territory and the border with the neighbor has not been revised."

He said, "India's border with Nepal has not been revised in the new map. The border delimitation exercise with Nepal is under the existing mechanism. We seek solutions through dialogue with our close and friendly bilateral relations." "I repeat my commitment once more."
kalapani issue
Credit: Border Nepal Buddhi
But according to Nepal's Foreign Ministry, India has issued this map or map in a one way and it has no right to do so.

In the press release of the Ministry of External Affairs, the Government of Nepal has put forward its stand.

According to him, "Kalapani is a disputed area. It has to be resolved bilaterally. Unilateral resolution is not acceptable to Nepal. Nepal is committed to resolve the issue diplomatically based on historical documents and evidence."