Iran News: Why did people get angry in Iraq?

Iran News
Credit: Newsweek
Three protesters were killed in retaliation by security personnel against protesters trying to enter the Iranian consulate in the Iraqi city of Karbala. But this sequence of demonstrations against the current government of Iraq and the death of protesters did not start here.

It began on October 1 (2019) when protesters took to the streets in large numbers in the capital, Baghdad. Soon these fires of protest and violence spread to many cities in southern Iraq. But the government strictly crushed the people's performance.

According to official figures, 149 ordinary civilians and eight security personnel were killed in the violence between October 1 and 6. Three-fourths of the deaths occurred in Baghdad alone. According to the government committee set up to investigate the violence, the security personnel used excessive force.
Iran News
Credit: The Times of Isreal
The second round of demonstrations and violence began on 25 October. On October 25, one year of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's power was completed. General elections were held in Iraq in May last year, but it took seven-eight months to form a government and with great difficulty Adil Abdul Mahdi was made the Prime Minister.

So far, more than 250 people have been killed and more than 5000 people have been injured in these demonstrations starting from October 1.

The protesters say that they have taken to the streets against corruption, increasing unemployment and very poor civic amenities.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh has said that the present prime minister is ready to resign, with the selection of another person for the Prime Minister's chair and the draft of the new electoral law is ready. But the protestors don't just want resignation, they want to change the whole system.
Iran News
Credit: DNA Time
One protesting youth said, "We are demonstrating despite curfew." To ask for your right. We want to change the regime. What they have done to us, they have not done to the Islamic State. Are we suicide bombers?
We have gathered only to demand the rights of ourselves and our people. ''