Ayodhya case: Will politics end in the name of Ayodhya temple?

 Ayodhya case
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The legal dispute that has been going on for almost 134 years has reached the final stage by the Supreme Court verdict, but will the politics of voting in the name of the Ayodhya temple be abolished?

This question is natural to raise because for the last several decades, the task of breaking the politics of India in different ways, if any issue has done the most is the issue of the Ayodhya temple.

Even today, when the two sides have got something through the verdict, some people do not look back to take political advantage. If senior BJP leaders on the one hand are not shy away from taking credit for the fact that there is goodwill in the country because of their party, then the leaders of the opposition like Asaduddin Owaisi are not clear in saying that the court He considers the decision to grant five acres of land for the construction of mosque by which he will also appeal to the Muslims to turn down. Perhaps through this he can further his politics in Hyderabad.

What does this mean other than politics. Owaisi's statement is nothing short of putting oil in the fire because BJP and its allies, the Hindu organizations, would like to have inflammatory statements come from somewhere and they will have the opportunity to respond to brick by stone.
 Ayodhya case
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Modi will hardly be able to roast it till 2024

To say so, the Ayodhya issue will no longer be available in the BJP's election manifesto, but who will be willing to believe that in the coming years, the BJP will not take advantage of the fact that they have fulfilled their promise by building a temple.

At least in some recent state elections, this will work well. Who knows that even Yogi Adityanath will leave no stone unturned to win the vote in the 2022 elections in Uttar Pradesh.