66% of toys coming to India are dangerous for children!

toys coming to India are dangerous for children

A report by the Quality Council of India (QCI) says that 66.90 percent of toys imported into India are dangerous for children

QCI, in a surprise study, found that many toys have failed in mechanical, chemical and other tests.

According to QCI, these toys had more than the prescribed quantity, due to which children can get many diseases.

But, ordinary people do not know much about it. A shopkeeper who sells toys in Delhi also says that some toys of young children have Toxic and Non-Toxic written on them, but not all people are interested in this.

The shopkeeper told that most people buy the toy that they like and they do not ask anything other than the price and the way of running.

How was the investigation
Regarding this study, Dr. RP Singh, Secretary General, QCI, says, "We saw that many toys coming to India are being tested on a sample basis and have no validity period." Due to which it was not known that the consignment of toys coming with that test report has been investigated. There was a lot of discussion about this and then QCI was asked to examine the toys present in the market.

QCI took toys from Delhi and NCR for investigation. These toys were sampled through Mystery Shopping (ie any toy taken from a shop). They were tested in a NABIL accredited lab.

These tests were done on 121 types of toys in different categories.

The category of toys selected:

Plastic toys
Soft Toy / Stuffed Toy
Toys made of wood
Metal toys
Electric toys
Toys that children can go into (such as toy tents)
The results found that toys had a high amount of harmful chemicals. Many toys did not meet safety standards. Children could be hurt by them and could also cause skin related diseases.

What results

41.3 percent of sample mechanical investigations fail
3.3% of sample fellay chemical tests fail
12.4% of sample mechanical and phallite tests fail
7.4 percent sample flammability test fails
2.5 percent sample mechanical and flammability test fails
What is the harm
QCI carried out mechanical and chemical testing of toys, followed by paints, lead and heavy metal. Only 33 percent of toys turned out to be correct in this investigation.

On the damage caused by toxic toys, Dr. RP Singh said, "A lot of toys have failed in mechanical investigation. Mechanical examination means that as a metal toy can scratch the child, it can get cut. One should not get stuck in the throat when inserted in the mouth. All these things are investigated.

"In chemical investigation it is seen that what kind of chemical is being used and what is their quantity." For example, soft toys contain a chemical that can also cause cancer. The child should not be harmed by the fibers coming out of it. Chemical used in toys can cause skin diseases. Infection in the mouth can occur.

"Besides, there should not be any heavy metal like lead, mercury and military. Toys such as children's tent houses and costumes were found to be flammable. They can catch fire quickly. ''

For all these chemicals, quantities were fixed worldwide and according to Indian standards. If the quantity is high then they can harm the child.

Dr. RP Singh's Mutabaki Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) had revised a notification. After which all the consignments will come at the ports of India. Remove toys for samples from everyone and go to NABILI's lab for testing. If they do well then only those consents will be taken in India.

Most toys in India come from China. Apart from this, toys come from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong and USA.