Aircraft carrying 100 people crashes in Kazakhstan, 15 killed

aircraft Jade 92100 carrying 100 people has crashed
Image Credit: NYtimes

An aircraft Jade 92100 carrying 100 people has crashed in Kazakhstan. According to officials, 15 people have died in this

Kazakhstan's interior minister said that six children were also among the dead. In this accident, 60 people including eight children have been injured. The airport said that the injured have been taken to the local hospital.

Qasim-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, has expressed its deepest condolences on this accident. With this, he said that those responsible for the accident will be punished severely according to the law.

According to airport officials, on Friday morning shortly after flying from Almaty Airport, the Jade 92100 aircraft of Beck Air crashed.

How the accident happened
The aircraft was going from the largest city of Almaty in Kazakhstan to the country's capital, Nursultan.

Almaty Airport said that there were 95 passengers and five crew members in the plane. Accordingly, the plane lost its control at 7.22 am local time before hitting the two-story building.

The cause of the accident has not been ascertained yet, but a reporter from the news agency Reuters, near the spot, said that there was a deep mist in the area at that time.

According to the news website Tangri, a woman named Maral Irman, who survived the incident, said that the aircraft was shaking while taking off. He said, "Initially it seemed that the plane might have landed but in reality it was hit by something. Later I saw that the plane was divided into two pieces."

In the opening footage of the incident, the rescuers were seen working at the scene. In this, a woman can be heard making an ambulance.

A list of 60 survivors of this accident has been released by the airport, who are undergoing treatment.

A special commission will be set up to investigate the accident