Army Chief General Bipin Rawat's statement a violation of army rules?

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat's statement

India's Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said something about the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act at a function in Delhi on Thursday, which various political parties are criticizing

General Rawat said, "The leader is known only by leadership. If you take the path of progress, then everyone is behind you. The leader is the one who leads people in the right direction. The leader is not that Which leads in an inappropriate direction. We are seeing violence and arson in the protests that are taking place in colleges and universities. This is not leadership. "

This statement of General Rawat is being considered as 'political' and 'inappropriate for military officer'. Condemning this, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury expressed concern on Twitter that 'we are not politicizing the army' and 'are not following the path of Pakistan'.

At the same time, AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi said in a press conference that General Rawat is weakening the government with his statement.

In such a situation, questions are arising whether this statement of General Rawat was political and by doing so has he violated the rules of the army?

BBC correspondent Mohammed Shahid spoke to senior journalist Ajay Shukla, an expert in defense matters, about these questions. Read further their point of view:

General violates army rules

According to military practices, rules and law; It is clearly written in the Army Rule 21 of the Army Rule Book that no statement on political questions will come publicly from any member of the army.

The permission of the central government is very important to make a statement and it is written in the rule that without permission no military or officer can talk on political matters. General Bipin Rawat has said this against this rule.

He has spoken on the political question which is in the headlines these days. Speaking on this matter is right or wrong for the army chief, people may have a different opinion on it.

But according to Army rules, especially according to Russia 21, this statement is not correct. The army chief has given a statement beyond this army's rule.

General Rawat is not an ordinary citizen

Fundamental rights from every junior jawan to army chief are limited under Army Rule 19.

That is, the freedom of expression that the common citizen gets under the Constitution, under Army Rule 19, has been reduced to those associated with the army.

This is not new, every person in the Army knows and they are told this. It is also repeated every year.

So it cannot be said that the army chief is a citizen and why he is not given the opportunity to make a statement as a citizen.

If such a question is asked, the answer is that the army chief is not a common citizen, he is a member of the army and he is not empowered to do so under Rule 19 of the Army.

Should stay away from political questions

India is going through a very delicate phase. The Army is an institution of stability. The last option of the country is called the army.

That is, when there is no other way to see, there is an army. When the army itself starts answering political questions, then questions are raised on its impartiality.

I don't think it's a good thing. The military should stay away from political questions and the army chief too.

Perhaps General Rawat must be thinking that I am speaking at the Health Summit, not on political questions. But if he looks back, he will understand that it was a completely political question, on which he gave a statement and it was not right to do so.