Army stands with Musharraf, cursed court

Image Credit: Dawn

A special court of Pakistan on Tuesday convicted former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf and sentenced him to death under Article Six of the Constitution

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a former army chief was convicted in a case of treason and sentenced to death. The court has pronounced this decision 2-1.

The Pakistan Army has strongly objected to this decision of the court. Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafur has issued a statement saying that the court's decision against General Pervez Musharraf has shocked the army and it is very sad.

Ghafur has said in his statement, "Former Army Chief and former President General Pervez Musharraf has served the country for 40 years. The person who fought in defense of the country can never be a traitor. The constitution has also been ignored in this court proceeding. Even the court was not given the opportunity to defend itself, which is a basic right. The decision has been heard in haste without a solid hearing.

Ghafur said that the Pakistan Army expects the court decision to be in accordance with the constitution of the country.

This decision has been pronounced by a bench of three judges of the special court. The bench headed by Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth, Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, included Justice Nazar Akbar of Sindh High Court and Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court.

Currently General Pervez Musharraf is in Dubai. He is hospitalized. In a video statement, Musharraf told the hospital, "The court's decision is absolutely baseless." We led the country and the army for 10 years. I also fought the war for Pakistan. We have been persecuted. ''

Musharraf's team is preparing to go to the Supreme Court against this decision. If the Supreme Court also approves this decision, then the President can waive the death penalty under constitutional authority.

The sedition case against Musharraf is linked to the imposition of emergency in Pakistan on 3 November 2027. This case was pending since 2013. Musharraf came to power in 1999 by overthrowing the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Musharraf imposed emergency in 2007. After imposition of emergency, important judges of Pakistan were put under house arrest in Islamabad and other areas of Pakistan. When Nawaz Sharif returned in 2013, a case of treason was registered against Musharraf. The court hearing against Musharraf started on 31 March 2014.

Pakistan's Supreme Court lawyer Hina Jilani says that General Musharraf has been convicted on the basis of sufficient evidence. Jilani says that for the first time, military downtrodden has suffered a setback from the court.

He said that this decision will send a message that the constitution is paramount and the courage of the military will be weak. Jilani believes that military audacity should not only stand in the dock but it should be punished.