Boeing fired CEO

Boeing fired CEO Dennis Millenberg

Aircraft maker Boeing has removed its CEO Dennis Millenberg from his post

The Board of Directors, while announcing the decision said, "Now it was very important that the company regain its trust."

The current chairman of the company, David Callahon, will take over as the company's chief executive officer from January 13.

Last year and in March this year, two Boeing aircraft were accidental and both these accidents are believed to be the reason for this decision.

The company was under pressure since both these accidents

A statement issued by Boeing said "The Board of Directors has decided that it is necessary for the company to change its leadership in order to regain its lost trust." With which we can improve relationships. Not only those who work, but also those who are partners in this company and who are customers. "

Lawrence Calner has been made the company's non-executive director with immediate effect.

Michelle Stumo lost her daughter in a Boeing 737 accident. After the death of his daughter Samya Rose, he had united the people of the other aggrieved family against Boeing. He gave his reaction to this decision and said that this is the first right step.

Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft will not fly worldwide

Black box of Boeing aircraft found in place of accident

He said, "As a company that strives to protect its passengers and do something better every time, it is a good step for that."

"The next step should be that there are many board members of the company who are working below average and who are not eligible for the post, should be resigned."

Software trouble

Two major accidents of Boeing 737 aircraft occurred at intervals of five months from each other.

In both these accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia, 346 people died.

Officers investigating air traffic safety had investigated these cases. During investigation, he found that an automatic control system in the plane called MCAS was the cause of these accidents.

Boeing said that this software system relies on a single sensor. He got the wrong figures and because of this the pilots took the plane down.

The company had said that they are working on their software and removing this problem and also improving the review process as before.

But the US lawmakers investigating the company in this case said that the company already knew that this software could not be fully verified. He accused the company that the company preferred its benefits more than the safety of the people.

The operation of Boeing 737 has been stopped all over the world since the accident in March. The company hoped that by the end of this year its aircraft would start flying again in the air, but the US regulators have not approved their return so soon.

With this, Boeing's reputation suffered a major blow last week when its Starliner spacecraft faced technical problems.