CAA: Political mercury rises in Karnataka on Mamta Banerjee's compensation announcement

 BJP leaders are angry at Mamata Banerjee's announcement to compensate

The ruling BJP leaders are angry at Mamata Banerjee's announcement to compensate 

The families of those killed in police firing during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had announced that her party Trinamool Congress would give a compensation of five lakh rupees to the families of the deceased.

At a rally in Kolkata on Thursday, Mamta had said, "Karnataka BJP leaders are saying that they do not have money to help the families of those killed in police firing. I want to tell you one thing that our Trinamool Congress Although poor, it has always been close to the people. We are with the people on the basis of humanity. "

Mamta said that her party's trade union delegation will go to Mangaluru and will give a support amount of five lakh rupees to the families of those killed in police firing.

Mamata's statement came when Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa changed his mind on the announcement of Rs 10 lakh compensation.

Shortly after Yeddyurappa's compensation announcement, the Mangaluru police claimed that those who were killed in the police firing in the video showed that they were involved in inciting a riot during the demonstration on 19 December.

Yeddyurappa said, "If the investigation found that the deceased were also involved in the violence that followed the demonstrations during the Citizenship Amendment Act, we would not pay a single penny to their dependents."

The family members of the dead claim that those killed had nothing to do with the demonstration and they were just standing there.

Criticize mamta

The Karnataka Chief Minister had earlier ordered a police firing to be investigated by the CID, but the magistrate ordered an inquiry after criticism from the opposition Congress party.

BJP leaders of Karnataka are saying that the government has stopped the compensation amount till the completion of the investigation. If the charges against the dead are not found true, then the family members will be compensated.

BJP leaders are strongly criticizing Mamata Banerjee's statement

BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje criticized Mamata Banerjee and said that when Mamata was a member of the Lok Sabha, she had reached the Vail of the House to demand citizenship law, but now she is taking a U-turn on this issue.

He questioned, "What has Mamata Banerjee got to do with what is happening in Karnataka. She should care about the compensation to the hundreds of Hindus who have died in political violence."

State Tourism Minister CT Ravi told the BBC, "Mamata Banerjee always does politics. When she was in opposition, she demanded NRC and citizenship law. Now she has changed. Her decision is in the interest of the state or the country." No, she is just doing politics. "

Ravi says, "If they are innocent, then our government will give the entire amount, which the Chief Minister has announced."