CAA: Two youth shot dead during protest in Bijnor, police refuses to fire


youth shot dead during protest in Bijnor
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The police administration has confirmed both these deaths.

Two youths died in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, in protest against NRC and CAA law.

However, there is no concrete information about how the youth died, although investigation has started. Police has registered three FIRs and detained 65 people.

On Friday, several policemen were also injured in clashes between local citizens and police. On the other hand, the bodies of both the dead have been buried after post mortem was done.

Violence in Nahtaur

In Nahtaur, a Muslim-dominated area under Dhampur tehsil in Bijnor, on Friday, a crowd of youths began to gather near the three mosques at the Gas Agency Chowk after the prayers.

One of the eyewitnesses said, "Many youths of the city came out after offering prayers in the mosque after offering prayers. These youths were shouting slogans against the Citizenship Amendment Act, ie CAA. At that time, crowds of youth gathered here in the form of a procession. To move forward, the police wanted to stop them. After that the situation worsened. "

Between three and four o'clock in the evening, a situation of confrontation arose between the police and the local citizens. The protesters had tricolors in their hands, they were shouting slogans against NRC and the Citizenship Amendment Act. However, due to Section 144 being imposed, the local police immediately came into action.

Buried bodies

Uncle Munsaf, the relation of the deceased Suleman, said that "I was outside. I got a call on the phone that Suleman was shot. I immediately reached home and took him to the hospital. But Suleman died on the way." "

Dhampur Deputy District Magistrate Dhirendra Singh told the BBC, "Suleman and Anas have died in the crowd. The cause of their deaths has not been ascertained. The bodies of the two youths have been postmortem. Their bodies were handed over on Saturday morning. Khak has also been made.

In response to a question, the SDM said, "Only after the post-mortem report, the situation will be completely clear. It is possible that he died of a bullet. But who killed the bullet is the subject of investigation."

ACMO Doctor Bijnor of Bijnor also said on Friday night that three people were admitted to the district hospital. He was shot.

District Magistrate Ramakant Pandey told reporters, 'Three separate FIRs have been registered in the Nhataur case. While 65-70 people have been detained. A total of 11 FIRs have been registered in violent demonstrations at different places in Bijnor.

Many youngsters disappeared from the city
Peaceful tension continues in the city after the death of two youths following a clash between police and local citizens on Friday.

A city dweller said on condition of anonymity, "After this clash in the daytime, most of the youth were sent by their family members to relatives away from home during the night. We were afraid that the police would sneak into the houses at night and pick them up Do not take it with you. "

One woman told, 'We are constantly afraid of the police. Our own children are killed and we are only afraid. "