Citizenship Act: Why BJP had to get down on the streets of Bengal?

Image Credit : Swarajya

In support of the Citizenship Amendment Act and to spread its message to the people

 BJP on Monday organized a big rally in West Bengal. BJP executive president JP Nadda joined it. He was accompanied by party general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya in this rally.

JP Nadda also questioned the NRC opposition of the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He said that Bengal respects this citizenship amendment law, but Mamata Banerjee and her leaders are spreading confusion about it. They are trying to mislead the people of the state.

Overall, this rally and JP Nadda's address was an attempt to put the government's side on the civil amendment law. But the question is why the BJP chose West Bengal for 'clarification'. While the assembly elections in Delhi are at the head and in protest against the civil amendment law where a rally or fast is going on every other day.

Uttar Pradesh was also an option, where many deaths have taken place in protests against the NRC and CAA. The BJP is also under governance in Uttar Pradesh, so it could have been an option for the BJP, but what was the reason that the BJP chose West Bengal except the capital Delhi and Uttar Pradesh for this task.

The reason for choosing West Bengal for the rally

According to Neerja Chaudhary, the most confusion about NRC and CAA is in West Bengal itself.

She says, "The real doubt is the situation in West Bengal. According to the news that is coming, long queues of people have started to make cards. People are so nervous and they are so worried that They are busy preparing all their documents. They are afraid. They want to complete all their papers quickly so that they do not get into any trouble. "

Importance of Narendra Modi's speech

Neerja Chaudhary says that it is true that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech in Delhi that there has been no discussion about NRC yet, it has not been officially talked about but it is not completely clear from the Prime Minister's statement. Is that they are not going to implement NRC.

She says "If the Home Minister says within the Parliament that we will implement NRC in the whole country, then it will be taken seriously and then the Prime Minister's speech ... There is nothing clear yet. It is not clear to anyone yet." Is that there will be NRC, it will not happen, it will happen or it will never happen again. There are not very clear answers to these questions. "

Neerja agrees, since nothing is clean, hence confusion is spreading.

"As far as Bengal is concerned, elections are going to be held there and West Bengal is very important for the BJP. It has been clarified many times by Amit Shah himself as party president. The party also performed very well in the Lok Sabha elections. "

"BJP's strategy has been to attract more Hindus towards it and it cannot be denied."

Will BJP's strategy work?

Neerja Chaudhary believes that to a great extent this strategy of BJP works.

"Based on the past years, the BJP is moving forward in West Bengal and people are also inclined towards it. But the way Mamata Banerjee took out her march and the way she is opposing the NRC is clear that She is taking the elections seriously from now on. And in such a situation it is clearly visible that both sides are ready. On the one hand, for Mamata Banerjee to maintain her government in the state Minister to speak while maintaining fair for the BJP. "

So are the results of Jharkhand the result of opposition from NRC and CAA?

Neerja Chaudhary believes that the results of Jharkhand are a clear indication that economic issues are now electoral issues for the people.

However, she is surprised at the fact that the BJP has also suffered defeat in tribal areas.

She says "Jharkhand is a lesson for the BJP. Moving towards the regional party of the people is a sign for the BJP. The BJP has to understand that livelihood is now the most important issue for the people. These issues are now coming forward Huh."

But will these issues also work in Bengal or will BJP be able to get votes on the basis of compassion?

On this, Neerja Chaudhary says that in many constituencies of Bengal, the Muslim population is more.

She believes that the BJP will go ahead with the strategy of Hindu-Muslim polarization where NRC will be used as a 'tool'.

She believes that this is a tried-and-tested strategy of the BJP and the BJP will move forward with it.

Neerja Chaudhary believes that NRC will be used as a tool in Bengal and will do what the BJP is saying.