Citizenship law: Pakistan said, Hindu population has not decreased, has increased

Pakistan on Citizenship law

The Parliament of India has passed a controversial bill granting citizenship to non-Muslim minority groups from three of its neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan till 31 December 2014

Under this, if Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians who came to India illegally can prove that they came from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, then they can apply for citizenship.

The Indian government argues that the number of minorities in these three countries is steadily decreasing and they are facing persecution on the basis of religion.

It was criticized in the Parliament for calling it discriminatory as it would not grant citizenship to other minority groups in these countries.

What did Amit Shah say while presenting the bill in Lok Sabha on 9 December

"In 1950, the Nehru Liaqat Agreement was signed in Delhi and it ensured that both the countries would take care of minorities in their respective countries. But it did not happen and this agreement was defeated. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have state religion Islam. And in this way there are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrian and Christian minorities.

In 1947, the population of minorities inside Pakistan was 23 percent and in 2011, it was reduced from 23 percent to 3.7 percent. "

Pakistan rejects claim

Pakistan has dismissed the Indian Home Minister's claim as false.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday, terming this claim as false and baseless.

The Foreign Ministry said, "If you look at the figures of the 1941 census, it will be clear that India has not deliberately and mischievously mentioned the large-scale displacement during the partition of 1947 and East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) in 1971. Both these incidents have had an impact on the percentage of minority population in Pakistan. "

The statement said, "According to the first census of 1951 in Pakistan, the number of minorities in western Pakistan (present-day Pakistan) was 3.1 per cent of the total population, which increased to 3.71 per cent by 1998. In separate census Pakistan also The increase in the population of minorities has been recorded in the minority population was 2.96 percent in the second census of 1961, 3.25 percent in the 1971 census, 3.33 percent in 1981 and in the year 1998. In the fifth census went reached 3.72 percent. "

Pakistan Foreign Ministry also said that the 1998 census figures also show that the population of Hindus in Pakistan was 1.5 percent in 1951, which increased to about 2 percent in 1998.

Objection of pakistan

The Government of Pakistan had objected to the Citizenship Amendment Bill of India. Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter that this bill violates all norms of international law.

After the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha, Imran Khan wrote on Twitter, "We strongly condemn this bill of India, which violates all norms of international law and bilateral agreements with the Government of Pakistan. These RSS Hindus Part of the nation's plan which the Fascist Modi government is promoting. "