If the citizenship amendment law has to be withdrawn, BJP will have to go: Mamta Banerjee

Mamta Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee targeted not only the BJP government at the Center but also the Prime Minister in a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

He said that after passing the cab at mid-night, it was made law. But CAB is so good, why did you not vote for the Prime Minister?

Mamta said, "If the Prime Minister was in Parliament but did not vote, it means that you also do not support it. If you do not support, then dismiss it."

Mamta accused the BJP government of deviating from the basics.

He said, "The price of onion is two hundred rupees, unemployment is increasing, industries are closing, the price of rupee is falling ... but the government has come up with a bill to hide everybody. Whatever the voice against it They are calling him a traitor. "

Who are you to do this?

Mamta said that there was no BJP at the time of independence, then how can she decide who will be a citizen of the country and who is not.

He said, "You were not in the freedom movement, your party was born in 1980. You were not with Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Azad, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose. You were after five years in power Decide who will be a citizen and who will not

"As a citizen, if we ask who you are, we had to give our mother's birth certificate, then you also have to give it. You decide whether you have all the certificates or not? We will not be able to give our mother's certificate." Let us investigate in Gujarat, UP? You will not do in Tripura, your government is there. Some speak in Assam, they do something else. The Northeast states, Bihar, Delhi, UP are all burning. Shit, didn't play football and the BJP became a big player. Nobody wants the BJP. Got 38 percent votes, 62 percent is against. "

Democracy is strong, not forced

Mamta said, "The BJP is also deciding what we will eat. There was never like this before in Air India, now only vegetarian food is available."

He said, "Now the time has come, India's democracy is strong, not forced. Hindustan will remain, every man will work together. If every province of India becomes together, how many people will the BJP fill in jail. When in UP If someone died in a bullet yesterday, the UP chief minister said that more shots should be done. They are not ashamed. "

How many people will you shoot?

"Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to talk about Rajdharma. You are sitting on the power of the country and there is fire in the country. Today those who do not follow Rajdharma are in power. They say, they will remove everyone, they will shoot everyone. How many Will you shoot people? If we have done any injustice to this movement, then you shoot us, not the common people. We live together, we celebrate festival festivals together, sit up. "

"During the independence of the country, Gandhiji pacified the Hindus and Muslims. These people scare, burn the country, defame the country, disturb the country, a throwaway network has been created. The wrong video by giving a lot of money in it They make you provoke. They want to create a religion separately. We will not let it happen. Understand BJP, we do not have any siblings apart. We will fight together, we will succeed. "

In the end, Mamta said that if the BJP does not withdraw the citizenship amendment law, then it will have to go.

He said, "You ask us whether we are citizens of the country or not, we ask you whether you also deserve to become citizens of the country. We respect Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, every religion. No CAB, NO KA, NO NRC. Citizenship Amendment Act will have to be withdrawn or BJP will have to go back. "

"Our historian Ramchandra Guha came out with a picture of Gandhi, he was insulted. He is not ashamed."