Impeachment on Trump, now presented in Senate

Impeachment on Trump

The House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Parliament, has approved impeachment against US President Donald Trump

Trump is the third president in American history against whom impeachment has been approved.

The lower house of the US Parliament, with a majority of Democrats, approved impeachment by 197 votes compared to 197.

After this, the matter will go to the upper house of Parliament next month, but the Senate is controlled by Republican lawmakers.

In such a situation, there is little possibility that President Trump will be removed from his post.

What is the case against Trump?

Trump has been accused of forcing Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate corruption in 2020 against Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and his son.

Biden's sons are senior executives in an energy company in Ukraine.

As part of the impeachment process, phone conversations between Trump and Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, were investigated and formal charges were framed against him by the Democratic Party's judicial committee.

In this phone conversation, President Trump allegedly asked to investigate against Biden (the Democratic Party's main candidate in next year's presidential election) and his son Hunter Biden, who had previously worked for the Ukrainian energy company Burizma.

According to Judicial Committee Chairman and Democratic leader Jerry Nadler, there are two main allegations against Trump.

The first is that Trump has misused power and the second is that the President obstructed the work of Parliament.

The president is accused of withholding financial aid to Ukraine for his political gains.

But Trump rejected all the allegations and said that Parliament should complete the process of impeachment against him as soon as possible.

What will happen next in the impeachment process?

After the Democratic Party's majority passed the lower house, an investigation will begin against Trump on the issue in the Republican-majority Senate.

If the President is proved guilty against Trump with a two-thirds majority, he will be the first President in US history to be removed from office due to the process of impeachment.

However, this is difficult to happen at the moment. Trump and his colleagues have been questioning the entire investigation process.

The White House and some Republican leaders want to end the trial within two weeks.

Impeachment brought against which American presidents?

Only two presidents in the history of the United States, Andrew Johnson in 1886 and Bill Clinton in 1998, were impeached, but could not be removed from office.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon was accused of spying on one of his opponents. It was named the Watergate scandal.

But before resigning, he resigned because he knew that the matter would reach the Senate and he might have to resign.