Internet is on in Kargil after 145 days, ban on Kashmir continues

the mobile internet service in Kargil

According to a news published in Jansatta, the mobile internet service in Kargil district of Ladakh has been restored again on Friday

Quoting the officials, the newspaper writes that since the removal of Article 370 of the Constitution from Jammu and Kashmir, internet service was banned here.

The official says that there has been no untoward incident in the last four months and peace has been maintained due to which internet service has been resumed.

According to the Asian Age newspaper, there is still a ban on Internet services in Kashmir and the officials say that they do not have any information about when the internet ban will be lifted in the valley.

Earlier, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav had said that the ban on the Internet would be lifted in Kashmir in a phased manner.

Detention centers will not be built in Bengal and Kerala

According to a report published in The Statesman, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that West Bengal will not be a part of the process of setting up a Detention Center.

He also said that the work of National Population Register to be done on the orders of the Center will also not be done in Bengal.

During a program at Naihati in North 24 Parganas, Mamta said that as long as she is alive neither the citizenship amendment law will be implemented in the state nor will there be any detention center.

He supported the student protests against the citizenship amendment law across the country and said that when students have the right to vote and choose their government after the age of 18, then why do they not have the right to protest .

According to a report published in The Hindu, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also said on Friday that no detention center is being built in Kerala for those visiting India illegally. The Chief Minister's office has issued a statement saying that all the activities of the previous government related to building the detention center have been stopped.

Vijayan has already clarified that NRC will not be done in Kerala. Apart from this, the Maharashtra government has also said that there will be no Detention Center in the state.

Use of facial recognition software in political rally

According to a report published in The Indian Express, the Delhi Police has used facial recognition software at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally held at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on 2 December.

This face recognition technique was first used in a rally where common people were scanned through it.

According to the newspaper, this is the first time that the Delhi Police has used videos made during different protests to see if any "law-breaking suspects" have come to the rally.

In March 2018, Delhi Police bought this special software on the order of Delhi High Court so that it could match the existing photos and look for the lost children.

According to the newspaper the software was used only three times before December 22, twice in the Independence Day parade and once in the Republic Day parade.

In this rally, Modi said that till now no discussion has been done on the NRC issue and there is no Detention Center in India.

The newspaper contacted the Delhi Police in this matter, to which the police said that earlier this software was used for security reasons but in recent times it will be used for security in sensitive areas associated with protests.

Record boom in bank fraud

The latest report released by the Reserve Bank said that in the first half of the current financial year, there has been a record jump in bank fraud cases and this figure has now reached 1.13 lakh crore.

According to this report published in the Economics Times, there are 4,412 cases in which fraud involving more than 1 lakh rupees.

During the financial year 2018-19, there were 6,801 cases of fraud in banks and a total of Rs 71,543 crore was involved.