Jharkhand Assembly Election: Hemant Soren said, BJP's chair left to anger people

Jharkhand Assembly Election

The way has been cleared for the second time of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) working president Hemant Soren. 

The results of the assembly elections have gone in his favor.

His party has emerged as the largest party with 30 seats. Their coalition has won an absolute majority by winning 47 seats. This is the first time any pre-poll alliance has got an absolute majority in elections. This has been JMM's best performance in person.

This party of Shibu Soren could never get so many seats before. Hemant Soren's role has been behind this huge success of JMM. The crowd of people gathered at his residence till Monday late night.

People were desperate to get a glimpse of him. The media and the leaders involved in the coalition were gathered at his house.

In an interview , Hemant Soren said that he will get the corruption cases investigated during the previous government.

Hemant ji, what were the three main reasons for your victory?

There was a bad governance here, which was a complete failure. No problems of the state were solved. Every section of the state was troubled. And the leadership here was the biggest reason for this.

These are also the reasons for BJP's defeat. Apart from this, what other reasons do you see BJP's defeat?

The policies that have been in place, these policies have caused great harm to this state. Worked to make people angry. Which caused an air of change to flow somewhere.

Because, the tribals were very angry with the previous government. Now their expectations are from you. Now you are going to form the government. What will be the priorities of your government?
This state was attained after a long struggle of our disciple Guru Shibu Soren Ji and after the martyrdom of many people.

Today, the purpose for which this state was taken is to fulfill those objectives. People of all sections of the state, all communities come in it. Today, while protecting the water, forest and land, the women here have to be protected, the youth have to work, the prosperity of the farmers, children's education, health, a lot of work for a better future.

Since one thing cannot be prioritized. For this, you have to take a broad view. With this, the people's aspirations will be fulfilled.

One last question. These corruption cases you had raised and said that there are many allegations of corruption on the government of Raghubar Das. You also got a case later because he used insulting words. So will these cases go on now? Those cases of corruption will be investigated. What will happen now

Definitely. Whoever does corruption will be punished. The law will do its job and a peaceful atmosphere that has been in this state for years, will be restored.