Jharkhand Assembly Elections: The Five Reasons That BJP Fought in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Assembly Elections

For the first time in Jharkhand, Raghubar Das, who has the distinction of being the Chief Minister for five consecutive years, is looking forward to defeat

The BJP, which had given the slogan of 'Bar Bar 65 Paar' before the elections, is now seen to shrink to less than half of this target.

There are many reasons for this big defeat of BJP. People believe that the personal image of Chief Minister Raghubar Das is also a reason for this defeat.

Apart from this, due to some programs of central BJP and some decisions of central and state government, BJP lost in Jharkhand.

Know what five reasons BJP lost in the state.

1. Image of Chief Minister Raghubar Das

During the last few years, the personal image of Chief Minister Raghubar Das had deteriorated. One section felt that the Chief Minister had become egoistic.

This caused resentment within the party. Saryu Rai, who remained in the BJP and now stood against Raghubar Das in the electoral arena, raised this issue in the party forum on several occasions, but the leadership did not heed his objections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah kept patting Raghubar Das on his back every time. Due to this, resentment in Raghubar Das's anti-hostry went on increasing. This is said to be the biggest reason for BJP's defeat.

2. Amendment of land laws

The BJP government's efforts to amend the Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act (SPT) to protect the land rights of tribals had a major impact on the tribals of the state.

The Ministry of Home Affairs also objected to the amendment bill passed in the Assembly amidst the walkout of the opposition.

The opposition fought the House to the road and requested the President not to sign the bill.

After objections, the President returned this bill. Then the government did not send it again and these amendments could not be done. Despite this, its wrong message went to the tribal society across the state.

The BJP failed to convince them that these amendments were allegedly in favor of the tribals.

3. An attempt to amend the land acquisition law

The attempt to amend some sections of the land acquisition law by abolishing it also became the cause of resentment of the tribals.

The opposition accused the people of firing bullets during the land acquisition in Godda for the power plant of a private company.

There were allegations of forcibly acquiring the lands of tribals and Dalits on the basis of fake gram sabha.

The government could not understand that there would be widespread opposition. Due to this, the resentment of people went on increasing.

4. Mob lynching and hunger

During the last five years, cases like targeting of minorities and death of many people due to hunger in mob lynching in different places of Jharkhand also went against the BJP government. People felt that this government was working against the minorities.

During this period, incidents of attacks on Muslims and Christians and their murder in mob lynching also went against the government.

Social workers raised the matter at a nationwide level. The opposition made it a part of the election campaign and Raghuvar Das's government could not satisfy the people with its answer.

Due to public statements of the Chief Minister regarding the conversion law, much resentment was seen in the Christian community.

5. Unemployment, Pathalgadi, bureaucracy

During the last five years, the policies of Raghubar Das's government against unemployment, bureaucracy and the Pathalgadi campaign also went against the BJP. This annoyed a large section of the voters and this issue was discussed during the entire election.

This is the reason that despite the nine meetings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 11 of Amit Shah and 51 meetings of Raghuvar Das, BJP could not retain its power.

It also annoyed the people that the Prime Minister talked about issues like Section-370, Ram Mandir and Citizenship Amendment Bill in his meetings. On the other hand, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha campaigned on all local issues.

In this way, the script of the exile of the BJP government from Jharkhand was written.