Mohan Bhagwat said, RSS considers 130 crore people of the country as Hindus

 RSS considers 130 crore people of the country as Hindus

There are protests in most parts of the country regarding the citizenship amendment law

There is a dispute about the implementation of NRC across the country and many states have refused to implement it here, among them the central government has also approved NPR. Opposition says that NPR is the first phase of implementing NRC.

All these controversies are still going on and among them, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said in a program on Wednesday that Hindu society is capable of finding a solution in a Hindu way for the unity of the country.

The Indian Express has published this news.

Mohan Bhagwat referred to Rabindranath Tagore's 'Swadeshi Sabha' essay, stating that despite some inherent contradictions between Hindus and Muslims, Hindu society is able to find a solution in a Hindu way to unite the nation. It is a Hindu thought process and our cultural values ​​define the Hindu way of life.

He also clarified who is a Hindu.

He said, "Apart from religion and culture, people whose sentiment is nationalist, people who respect India's culture and culture and RSS considers 130 crore people of the country as Hindus. This whole society is ours and the aim of the Sangh is like this To build a united society. "

Mohan Bhagwat gave this speech at the Vijay Sankalp Camp held at the Saruranagar Stadium. Where a three-day camp was organized. Eight and a half thousand volunteers took part in this camp.

Warning to government employees who put political posts on social media

The Assam State Government has issued a warning to its employees. This warning has been issued for sharing posts related to political activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Issuing a warning, it has been said that if any government employee is found involved in any such activity, disciplinary action will be taken against him.

The Hindu newspaper has published this news.

On 22 December, the Sadou Assam Employees Council appealed for the closure of work, after which about four lakh government employees had stopped work. Due to which government work was affected. These protests are taking place in protest against the citizenship amendment law.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's temple

A farmer from Tamil Nadu has built a temple of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in his farm. Hindustan has published this news daily.

The farmer says that he is very impressed with schemes like the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi and he has also benefited from it.

This farmer named P Shankar inaugurated this temple in Irakuri village last week. He told that it cost 1.2 lakh rupees to build this temple. He started building this temple about eight months ago.

60 people of Uttar Pradesh received notice for spreading violence
According to a report on the front page of The Statesman, notices have been served to 'identify 60 people for committing violence' in the protests over citizenship amendment law in Rampur and Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh last week.

According to officials, they have been asked to pay damages or to clarify their position for damage to public property. For this, they have been given 7 days.

So far, 33 people have been arrested on the charges of violence in Rampur, while 150 people have been identified for committing violence.

Pakistan will take marker from India for polio campaign
Pakistan will import markers from India to carry out polio operations here. This marker is especially used to mark the fingers of children after giving them polio medicine.

This news has been published by Navbharat Times.

The newspaper writes that after the abolition of Article 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan decided to end trade relations with India. But now Pakistan's cabinet has approved importing the marker from India only once.

Pakistan is very dependent on India in terms of medicines. Apart from the basic medicines, Pakistan also imports essential things for making medicines from India.