More than 1,100 intellectuals come out in support of CAA

1,100 intellectuals come out in support of CAA

While protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act are going on across the country, a section has come out in support of it.

About 1,100 intellectuals, academics and research scholars of the country have signed a joint statement in support of this.

"This law fulfills a long-pending demand for asylum in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for minorities facing persecution in their own country," the joint statement reads.

It further reads, "Since the failure of the Liaquat-Nehru Agreement of 1950, various leaders and political parties such as Congress, CPI (M) etc. have sought to grant citizenship to religious minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh, forgetting ideological differences. That most of these people are from Dalit castes. "

"We congratulate the Indian Parliament and the government for standing up for these forgotten minorities and giving shelter to those who migrated due to religious persecution as well as maintaining the social nature of India. We But also expresses satisfaction that the concerns of the northeastern states have been heard and are being addressed in an appropriate manner. "

"We believe that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) perfectly aligns with the secular constitution of India as it does not prevent anyone from any country from acquiring Indian citizenship. Nor does it imply citizenship norms in any way. But only special premises to minorities who migrate due to religious persecution from three countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan Provides only a quick solution Thition. It does not prevent from obtaining citizenship through any kind of Ahmadiyya these three countries, Hazara, Baloch or routine procedures any other sects and ethnicities. "

"We want to note with great sadness that by spreading the rumor and fear of fear, an atmosphere of fear and hysteria is being created in the country, due to which violence is taking place in many parts."
In this shared appeal, these people have appealed to every section of society not to get caught up in the propaganda of "restraining and promoting propaganda, communalism and anarchy".

The signatories to this statement included Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta, IIM Shillong chief Shishir Bajoria, Nalanda University Vice Chancellor Sunaina Singh, Jawaharlal University Dean Ainul Hasan, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Abhijit Iyer Mitra, journalist Kanchan Gupta, Professor Prakash Singh of Delhi University, Dr. Swadesh Singh, Dr. Tarun Kumar Garg, Dr. P. Sankaj Mishra, JNU Dr Pramod Kumar, Professor Ashwini Mahapatra and Professor Azhar Asif, Sushant Sarin, IIT Madras Dr E Kishore, Dr Ram Ture, IIT Delhi Dr Smita, Dinesh Kumar, Dr Anand Madhukar, Kolkata University Prasenjit Das , Ayan Banerjee, Professor Rameshwar Mishra of Visva-Bharati Shanti Niketan, Professor Swapan Kumar Mandal, Professor Debashish Bhattachar Include.