Nigeria: Islamic State annihilates 11 Christian hostages

Islamic State annihilates 11 Christian hostages
Image Credit: The Times of Isreal

The Islamic State Group (IS) has released a video claiming to have killed 11 Christians in Nigeria

In this video, some people are shown scratching their heads. This 56-second video has been released by IS's 'news agency' Amaq.

No information has been given about the identity of those who died, but they were all men. The IS says that he took these people from the north-eastern Borno state of Nigeria in his possession.

The Islamic State says it has taken this action in October this year with the intention of taking revenge on the death of its group leader and spokesperson in Syria.

This video was released on 26 December. Analysts say it is clear that this video was released intentionally during Christmas.

What is in the video
The video is shot in an unknown location in the open. One hostage in the middle was shot, while 10 others were pushed to the ground and their necks were cut.

In October this year, former IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and spokesman Abul Hasan al-Muhajir were killed in Syria.

Just two months after this, on December 22, the Islamic State announced to launch a new military operation to 'avenge' his death.

Since then, he has claimed responsibility for carrying out attacks under this campaign in many countries.

A section of Nigeria's Islamic extremist group Boko Haram is now fighting under the banner of 'Islamic State West Africa Province' (ISWAP).

Last year, ISWAP killed two hostages held hostage.