OIC asked India to ensure the safety of Muslims

 Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

There is not only protest in India regarding the citizenship amendment law, but international reactions are also coming on it

On Sunday, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Organization of Islamic Countries, has also issued a statement on this. In a statement issued by OIC general secretary Yusuf bin Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman, he said that he is keeping an eye on the recent developments in India.

OIC has 60 Muslim majority countries. In its statement, this Islamic organization has said, "We are closely watching the recent developments in India. Many things have happened that have affected the minority. We have concerns about citizenship rights and the Babri Masjid case. We reiterate again that the safety of Muslims and their holy place in India should be ensured.

The OIC has said that according to the principles and obligations of the United Nations, minorities should be protected without any discrimination. The OIC said that if these principles and obligations are neglected, the security and stability of the entire area will be severely affected.

OIC is dominated by Saudi Arabia and its allies. Questions have also been raised about the relevance of this organization among Islamic countries. The Kuala Lumpur Summit took place in Malaysia on 19–20 December and there is talk of giving a new platform to the voice of the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia fears that no other Islamic organization will stand up parallel to the OIC and its dominance will be reduced. That is why Saudi Arabia and its allies United Arab Emirates and Bahrain did not attend this meeting.

Pakistan was also supposed to go to the Kuala Lumpur Summit, but Saudi Arabia stopped it from going. This is when the Kuala Lumpur summit was decided between Turkish President Ardoan, Pakistani PM Imran and Malaysia's PM Mahatir Mohammad. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also accepted the invitation of the Malaysian PM to attend the summit, but he did not go under Saudi pressure.

Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardowan arrived at the summit and said that Pakistani PM Imran Khan could not come to Malaysia under pressure from Saudi Arabia

Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah had published the statement of President Rechep Tayyip Ardoan in which he said, "Saudi Arabia threatened Pakistan with economic sanctions, so Imran Khan did not come to Malaysia." Many analysts say that Saudi Arabia It is scared that no other organization can stand parallel to the OIC.

According to Saudi Arabia's news agency SPA, King Salman of Saudi had called Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad and said that the problems related to the Islamic world should be discussed on the platform of the OIC. According to the Daily Sabah, Ardoआनan told Turkish local media that this is not the first time Saudi has pressured a country to do no work.

When Pakistan did not come, Ardoan said, "Unfortunately we are seeing that Saudi pressurized Pakistan. More than 2.5 million Pakistanis work in Saudi. If Pakistan did not agree, then the Pakistanis working there would have been sent back and this work would have been given to the people of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, the Saudi imperial regime threatened to withdraw financial aid.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also tweeted that the citizenship law is against Muslims. He has also said that due to the increasing protests against the citizenship amendment law in India, the army there can carry out an operation against Pakistan.

The Pakistani Prime Minister has said that India wants to incite war frenzy to mobilize such Hindu nationalism. Imran Khan said that if this happens then Pakistan will have no option but to give a befitting reply.

The Pakistani PM has tweeted and said, "India has still kept everyone imprisoned in Jammu and Kashmir." If restrictions are removed from here, there is a possibility of murder. If such protests increase in India, then India's risk on Pakistan will increase further. The statement of the Indian Army Chief further reassures our concerns.

In his next tweet, Imran Khan has said, "For the last five years under the leadership of Modi government, India is growing towards Hindu Rashtra. In this process, Hindu superiority and fascist ideology are being pushed forward. Now they are on the Indian road against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which want the diversity of India to remain. Protest against the CAA has become a mass movement.