Pakistan: America blacklisted in exchange for India: Pakistan

America blacklisted in exchange for India

America has blacklisted Pakistan in the matter of religious freedom

 Pakistan has been included in the annual list of countries where discrimination is done on the basis of religion

Pakistan has been kept in this list for the second year in a row. Pakistan has strongly objected to this and said that a biased attitude has been adopted in it.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has rejected it and said that this step of America does not match the ground reality. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said that minorities are being harassed in India, but India has been excluded from this list.

Pakistan said, "Laws like NRC and CAA are being made in India so that minorities can be targeted but India is not blacklisted." It shows that a discriminatory and unilateral approach has been adopted throughout the process.

Pakistan said, "Muslims were lynched in India over cows." People have been imprisoned in Kashmir for months and recently there has been a law to give citizenship on the basis of religion. Despite this, America did not include India in this list.

In the annual list of the US State Department, nine countries, including Pakistan, have been placed again in this list. Sudan is the only country that has been excluded from this list.

This list was released last week by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. After the name is included in this list, the United States bans those countries.

Pakistan's foreign ministry said on Tuesday,

"Blacklisting Pakistan does not match the ground reality." Along with this, the credibility of this list is also doubtful. Countries have been included in this list in a discriminatory manner. Pakistan is a country of religious plurality and all religious people have constitutional freedom to follow their respective religions. India is the largest country to deny religious freedom, but keeping it out makes this whole exercise suspicious.

Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have been placed again in this list by the US State Department on December 18, 2019. They have been blacklisted under the International Religious Freedom Act 1998.

The International Commission for Religious Freedom of America, in its 2015 annual report, criticized religious freedom and violence against minority communities in India and described the situation of religious freedom as worrying.

Every year the Commission issues detailed reports about countries around the world where alleged lack or violation of religious freedom and religiously discriminated against minority communities. The US Commission on International Religion Freedom or the American Religious Freedom Commission placed India in the Tier-2 list. India has been kept in this list since 2009.

After placing Pakistan in this list, there is also a strong reaction on the social media there. The Pakistanis objected to why India was not included in this list.